The Signature Of Love

The signature of the unfathomably poignant and wonderfully scarlet rose; was profusely coated with pricelessly heavenly scent,

The signature of the vivaciously foaming and ecstatically swirling ocean; was piquantly coated with spell-bindingly rejuvenating salt,

The signature of the overwhelmingly sprightly and vividly striped zebra; was
fantastically coated with unsurpassably untamed exuberance,

The signature of the majestically proliferating and timelessly endowing soil; was bountifully coated with unconquerably inimitable divinity,

The signature of the capriciously infidel and venomously slavering scorpion; was egregiously coated with brutally sadistic abhorrence,

The signature of the tantalizingly beautiful and voluptuously mollifying
dewdrop; was profoundly coated with limitlessly blessing sensuousness,

The signature of the unbelievably titillating and handsomely crimson clouds; was gloriously coated with magnificently iridescent enchantment,

The signature of the lecherously delinquent and laggardly salacious parasite; was invidiously coated with surreptitiously unceremonious cowardice,

The signature of the ghoulishly morbid and remorsefully lamenting ghost; was
disastrously coated with vindictively feckless malice,

The signature of the indefatigably ticking and irrefutably infallible clock; was perspicaciously coated with blissfully commendable punctuality,

The signature of the lackadaisically pot-bellied and turgidly rolling tortoise; was pathetically coated with nonchalantly wanton laziness,

The signature of the Omnipotently blazing and unassailably amber Sun; was
peerlessly coated with unshakably eternal victory,

The signature of ubiquitously crimson and altruistically cascading blood; was undauntedly coated with harmoniously egalitarian humanity,

The signature of the resplendently immaculate and everlastingly optimistic Moon; was innocuously coated with pristinely pearly milk,

The signature of the uncannily adventurous and timelessly old fossil; was
magnetically coated with inexplicably exhilarating mystery,

The signature of the grotesquely funny and ludicrously bouncing clown; was
euphorically coated with endlessly uproarious laughter,

The signature of the indomitably towering and compassionately sequestering
mountain; was eternally coated with selflessly triumphant strength,

The signature of the blissfully untainted and celestially princely pearl; was tirelessly coated with royally burgeoning prosperity,

The signature of the rhapsodically effulgent and ingeniously crafted new-born brain; was spectacularly coated with holistically innovative evolution,

The signature of the demeaningly blind and hideously crooked bat; was bizarrely coated with perniciously sinister betrayal,

The signature of the unfathomably hollow and thunderously reverberating gorge; was ingratiatingly coated with tremendously unlimited mysticism,

The signature of the ferociously roaring and unnervingly sauntering lion; was irrevocably coated with boundlessly unfettered superiority,

The signature of the effusively vibrant and eclectically artistic eye; was obeisantly coated with convivially heart-rendering empathy,

The signature of unprecedentedly delirious and intransigently destructive mania; was barbarously coated with unsparingly asphyxiating depression,

The signature of the blazingly truthful and relentlessly marching warrior; was marvelously coated with magically Spartan fearlessness,

The signature of unconquerably unique and blessedly devout righteousness; was perpetually coated with fathomlessly endowing paradise,

The signature of uncouthly sweltering and miserably scorching desert; was acridly coated with raunchily pulverizing ruthlessness,

And the signature of immortally insuperable and royally emollient love; was
forever and ever and ever coated with amazingly sprouting life.


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