The Sky Of Immortal Love

Happiness galore; diffusing into waves of tumultuous rhapsody as every instant unveiled into a wholesomely tantalizing minute,
Prosperity galore; as the clouds of freedom perennially showered their endowment of eternally unfading romance; upon the trajectory of this disastrously impoverished planet,
Vivacity galore; as the marvelous festoon of resplendently twinkling stars; danced uninhibitedly in the heart of the voluptuously titillating night,
Prudence galore; as it instilled the most sagaciously pragmatic chapters of existence; in devastatingly hopeless souls,
Was the fireball of immortally fabulous love; spawning into a timeless chapter of boundlessly mesmerizing creation; in every quarter of this magnificently enamoring Universe.

Youth galore; as it blossomed into a river of enchanting newness with the unfurling of every dawn; wholesomely abnegating even the most minuscule essence of despairing solitude,
Omnipotence galore; as it intrepidly withstood the most acrimoniously tyrannical attack; profusely coalescing with every element of blissfully condoning humanity,
Attraction galore; as it inevitably straddled even the most diabolically alien in its impregnably unfettered swirl; irrespective of caste; creed or status; alike,
Beauty galore; casting a spell of unbreakably rhapsodic fantasy; upon drearily staggering and even the most treacherously satanic demons; alike,
Was the mountain of invincibly everlasting love; harboring one and all in its Godly belly; sequestering even the most diminutively pathetic in its divine shadow; to evolve into
a royally majestic tomorrow.

Resplendence galore; as it sparkled into a flaming inferno of vivid propensity to tickle the night; miraculously enlightening every abode rotting in dilapidated despondency; with unconquerably optimistic light,
Humanity galore; as it embraced the richest and even those miserably dithering beneath ghastly mud; in the aisles of perennially untamed happiness,
Faith galore; as it uprooted even the most lecherously savage fortresses of evil from their very non-existently lackadaisical roots; with its triumphant march ahead,
Boisterousness galore; as it indefatigably radiated the beats of a symbiotically priceless existence; that led to the ultimate corridors of compassionately bestowing paradise,
Was the arrow of Omnisciently unfathomable love; striking the vicious targets of malicious evil every time it was released; scrapping even the most remotest trace of hostile belligerence; from the periphery of this gigantically fascinating planet.

Titillation galore; as it ecstatically seduced even the most gruesomely devastated souls in its timelessly melodious grace; to bloom into a unshakably blessed; mankind,
Electricity galore; as it incinerated thunderbolts of insurmountable desire; even in the heart of the murderously frigid night,
Mysticism galore; as it tingled you into an entrenchment of inexplicably gorgeous wilderness; as every molecule of alluring enigma; struck a passionate chord with the ravishing complexion of night,
Bonding galore; as it indispensably melanged all those with an amicably philanthropic disposition; in cisterns of incomprehensibly incarcerating humanity,
Was the sky of unequivocally grandiloquent love; immortally existing as the queen of all turbulently passionate hearts; the irrefutably embellished king; of all magical mankind.


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