The Sole And Most Ardent Slave

There’s just one of the Omnipotent Sun; to timelessly illuminate even the most lugubriously ribald crannies of the earth; blaze a ray of triumphantly unfettered light for times immemorial,

There’s just one of the Vivacious Sky; to perpetually harbor organisms of
every caste; creed; color and tribe; with unconquerably ardent compassion in
its symbiotically blessed lap,

There’s just one of the Everest Peak; to indomitably transcend over all heinously evil; stand as the lone infallibly undefeated warrior; amidst a boundless Universe of salaciously crippling corruption,

There’s just one of the Iridescent Rainbow; to tirelessly mesmerize countless horrendously beleaguered souls; forever drift even the most infinitesimal of their misery towards the aisles of paradise divine,

There’s just one of the Royal Oyster; to unbelievably enthrall the unceasingly undulating waves of the tangy ocean; never ever let a morbid moment sweep even a transient iota; across its invincible periphery,

There’s just one of the Divinely Dewdrop; to inexhaustibly bless the limitless carpet of emerald green on this fantastically redolent Universe; profoundly reinvigorate every pore of the skin with ecstatically newborn freshness,

There’s just one of the Insuperable Ocean; to unendingly stupefy every tangible and intangible source of life on this ever-pervading planet; ubiquitously disseminate spice and salt into even the most haplessly devastated of breaths,

There’s just one of the Princely Lion; to endlessly rule even the most ethereal corner of the enchanting forest; irrefutably enshroud every open space on ebullient earth with inimitably unparalleled supremacy,

There’s just one of the Omniscient Moon; to unflinchingly enlighten every staggeringly dwindling soul; even in the most diabolically pulverizing of hour; past the coffin of treacherous midnight,

There’s just one of the Virile Seed; to timelessly fructify into a gorge of astoundingly vibrant newness; bless even the most tawdrily decrepit patch of soil on earth; with victoriously Omnipresent life,

There’s just one of the Inscrutable Shadow; to wonderfully placate even the most disastrously frazzled of senses; cast a spell of unbreakable fantasy in every innocuously nimble mind alike,

There’s just one of the Intrepid Fossil; to amazingly depict every conceivable form of life which blissfully thrived; an infinite centuries and moments ago,

There’s just one of the Triumphant Woman; to unassailably evolve the most
benign creation of life; sequestering it like an impregnable fortress inside her womb; from every devilish vagary of the parasitic world outside,

There’s just one of the Impudent Bumble Bee; to ooze into unlimited cisterns of mellifluously gifted honey; permeate a heaven of sweetness into even the most venomously cacophonic of life,

There’s just one of the Crimson Rose; to incredulously mollify every fetidly
asphyxiated nostril; with the philanthropically unbridled scent of humanity and the Creator Divine,

There’s just one of the Unshakable Conscience; to assimilate every iota of
unchallangably priceless truth on the trajectory of this bountiful Universe;
perennially treasure the ideals of undefeated righteousness,

There’s just one of the Euphoric Breath; to magnificently perpetuate eternal
life into even the most fecklessly obsolete entity without compassion and
quintessential life,

There’s just one of the Immortal Heart; to indefatigably unite every tangibly effulgent entity on the belly of the Universe; uninhibitedly ensure that there throbbed blessedly symbiotic life; even after life,

And then there’s just one of Tiny “Me”; to intricately decipher every step that she alighted towards me; to everlastingly comprehend the very essence of her Godly breath; to be the most ardent and sole slave of her humanitarian radiations; of the golden sweat that dribbled from her unconquerably celestial feet.


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