The Sole Reflection Of My Soul

How could I ever get bored even an infinitesimally insipid iota?
When I had the perpetually golden rays of the blistering midday Sun; filter a path of
scintillatingly righteous courage; through every cranny of my disastrously impoverished demeanor.

How could I ever get bored even an inconspicuously non-existent trifle?
When I had the gregariously cascading waterfalls of enlightening froth tickle me profusely from all sides; trigger in me an insatiably euphoric yearning; to
gallop ecstatically forward; through the fields of mesmerizing life.

How could I ever get bored even a comically minuscule whisker?
When I had the voluptuously rustling breeze profoundly caress each of manipulatively besieged senses; uninhibitedly freeing me to dance timelessly; till the
boundaries of enchanting eternity.

How could I ever get bored even a diminutively frigid fraction?
When I had the melodiously ebullient nightingale singing right on my shoulder; profusely infiltrating resplendent rays of hope; into my vindictively cold blooded existence.

How could I ever get bored even a capriciously tiny speck?
When I had the divinely blooming flowers spinning a web of majestically astounding artistry all across my gruesomely bereaved senses; tirelessly drifting me towards an unfathomable ocean of blissful scent.

How could I ever get bored even a parsimoniously mercurial bit?
When I had the unfathomable caravan of boisterously buzzing bees incessantly enshrouding my lifelessly stoical facial contours; inundate my mockingly dreary
survival with unprecedented enthrallment and tingling sweetness.

How could I ever get bored even a lackadaisically lackluster inch?
When I had the fascinatingly ingratiating Moon shimmer gorgeously on my despondently disheveled flesh; seductively caress me with unsurpassable fireballs of
magnificently silken delight.

How could I ever get bored even a languidly inarticulate centimeter?
When I had tantalizingly green meadows nestled with exotic dew drops to rampantly roll in; expunge each horrendously frustrated ingredient from my despairing blood; to handsomely blend with the stupendously reinvigorating soil.

How could I ever get bored even a ghoulishly asphyxiated bit?
When I had intransigently aristocratic carpets of breath embracing my savagely extinguishing nostrils; irrefutably propelling me each instant to unflinchingly disseminate the patriotic river of truth; in every corner of this gigantic earth.

And how could I ever get bored even a trivially transient second?
When I had your immortally unassailable love perennially romancing with my nervously fluttering heartbeats; when I had your marvelously humanitarian shadow; which had unconquerably become the sole reflection of my soul.


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