The Splinters Of Love

When a conglomerate of thunder clouds collided in the cosmos,
Infinite splinters of water pelted down in fury; gently bruising naked patches of my skin.

When multiple balls of bulky glass clashed with tumultuous fury,
Acerbic splinters of jagged mirror pierced with hostile fervor through my skin; prompting crimson blood to flow.

When I dexterously sliced colossal chunks of tree lumber with my serrated pickaxe,
Pulverized splinters of saw dust flew in unsymmetrical unison; inundating my eyeball with series of allergy.

When obdurate balls of round steel smashed tenaciously with each other,
Minuscule splinters of metal settled haphazardly on my scalp; with obstreperous cacophony tickling my eardrum.

When I pricked the gargantuan balloon with a rusted pin; tones of air blew out at overwhelming speeds,
Soft splinters of rubber descended down on my feet; and I slipped while walking inadvertently on the same.

When menacing masses of ice tumbled down the mountain; they formed a monstrous
Which diffused into incommensurate splinters after striking the ground; stabbing my flesh like a quiver full of arrows.

When I shook a barrel full of fermented cream vigorously in the air,
Decayed splinters of milk splashed disdainfully across my face; with a stench of rotten rat emanating; besieging all in proximity.

When I placed a mammoth elephant tusk in amicable contact with circulating
blades of the ceiling fan,
Bountiful splinters of powder blended with small bone infiltrated into my nostril; making me vociferously sneeze.

When I entered the unscrupulous ambience of the darkened cloth factory,
Irascible splinters of cotton fiber camouflaged my cheek; instigating me to voraciously scratch.

And eventually when the immaculate crystal of her splendor; burst with a bang
over my forehead,
A myriad of victimized arenas in my silhouette; relinquished pain instantly,
Wounded avenues of my heart and soul perpetually healed; after being injected with splinters of her unprejudiced love.


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