The Tree Of Love

The apple tree swayed frivolously in the air; bearing crimson crested fruit peeping out from its dense foliage,
However as came freezing winter; its leaves wore a shriveled look; inevitably feeling the chill and sporadically falling to the ground.

The cherry tree looked awe inspiring and magnificent from a distance; with succulent balls of incongruous shapes clinging to its tendrils,
However as the wind blew mightily; stormy currents of air collided with it; infinite berries fell down on earth; rendering it as a pathetic sight to witness.

The coconut tree appeared domineering; standing at unprecedented heights from the mud; firmly holding its ground in the tenacious ocean breeze,
However as I shook it; exerting all my power assiduously assisted by my fellow mates; the hard shell fell with a thump on the floor; snapping apart into scores of asymmetrical halves.

The maple tree looked like an angel descended from the sky; with its golden leaves shimmering in the sunshine,
However as the vigils of autumn took over; it now resembled a threadbare urchin; shivering incessantly as the slightest of current struck its naked persona.

The mango tree appeared enticing and voluptuous; with a conglomerate of brilliant shell adhering to it faithfully,
However the same replicated and impoverished beggar; as a battalion of red ant and woodpecker; nibbled passionately at its flaccid fruit.

The fir tree looked enchanting in the moonlight; producing sweet volley of rustling voices,
However as snow fell unrelentingly from the sky; its branches drooped towards the slope; unable to bear the tyranny of ice any longer.

The Banyan tree appeared impregnable; with its century old roots dangling impeccably like compactly entwined threads,
However it developed a series of gaping holes in its silhouette; as a fleet of parasitic termites attacked it voraciously from all sides.

The Fig tree looked a sight to feast under the blistering Sun; with rubicund slices of fruit embellishing its persona,
However as the diabolical owl inhabited it at night; people shirked away from it in utter abhorrence; as much as they had initially loved it.

The Lemon tree growing in my backyard appeared pretty phlegmatic; slowly gyrating with the breeze; bearing a bunch of poignant fruit,
However it soon dried up into a mangled heap; when I inadvertently forgot to feed it with salubrious manure and water.

And the Tree of Our Immortal Love looked the most splendid of them all; bearing perennial fruit in all seasons; unhampered by the onset of the most thunderous rain and snow; unperturbed by the pandemonium going on in the world,
It had stood the test of all times; stood as formidable as the Omnipotent Creator; for fathomless centuries; even after we had evacuated the soil of this earth.


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