The Ultimate Crown

The ultimate crown of my miserably impoverished eyes; was your eternally resplendent garden of symbiotically uniting empathy,

The ultimate crown of my diminutively impoverished brain; was your fantastically endless ocean of enchantingly bountiful dreams,

The ultimate crown of my ethereally impoverished eyelashes; was your timelessly unconquerable inspiration to exuberantly surge forward in every aspect of life,

The ultimate crown of my traumatically impoverished lips; was your vivaciously untamed rainbow of eternally blessed sensuousness,

The ultimate crown of my depravingly impoverished bones; was your inexhaustible temerity to fearlessly withstand even the most treacherous apocalypses of violent hell,

The ultimate crown of my parasitically impoverished fingers; was your inimitably unparalleled festoon of tirelessly majestic artistry,

The ultimate crown of my inconspicuously impoverished veins; was the poignantly indomitable flavor of your ubiquitously uniting blood,

The ultimate crown of my haplessly impoverished palms; was the brilliantly
enlightening sky of your royally infallible destiny lines,

The ultimate crown of my asphyxiatingly impoverished ears; was the impregnable ingredient of unconquerable oneness in the cadence of your selfless voice,

The ultimate crown of my preposterously impoverished throat; was the effulgently limitless sweetness of your Omnipotently ecstatic creation,

The ultimate crown of my waywardly impoverished footsteps; was the insuperably redolent path of Omnipresent righteousness; that you timelessly traversed,

The ultimate crown of my brutally impoverished intestines; was the fruits of
panoramically pristine creation that you blissfully assimilated; every single unfurling minute of your victorious life,

The ultimate crown of my impotently impoverished persona; was the countless
seeds of synergistically fragrant evolution that you sowed; as every night took heavenly control of the sweltering day,

The ultimate crown of my obliviously impoverished skin; was the torrential
rain showers of tantalizing rhapsody; that perennially promulgated from your harmonious existence,

The ultimate crown of my squalidly impoverished conscience; was the miraculously mitigating essence of your unassailably liberating truth,

The ultimate crown of my hedonistically impoverished soul; was your perpetually philanthropic spirit of timelessly coalescing with every fragment and sect of divine humanity,

The ultimate crown of my ephemerally impoverished shadow; was your unsurpassably Omniscient jewel of unconquerably godly honesty,

The ultimate crown of my grouchily impoverished nostrils; was your immeasurably sacred breath of astoundingly proliferating newness,

And the ultimate crown of my helplessly impoverished heart; was your immortally blessed beats of unconditionally holy love; love and beautifully ardent love.


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