The World Trade Center Shall Stand Tall Forever -Tribute To America, Part 4

It stood taller than any other structure in the sky; kissing the ensemble of cotton clouds as they drifted by,

It looked like a towering giant; infront of the matchbox sized houses sprawled disdainfully around,

It caused infinite number of necks to stretch to their maximum; and yet its summit eluded their eyes,

It offered spell binding views; and the privilege to witness jumbo sized planes whistling from arms length from its body,

It withstood the most tumultuous of storm; the most thunderous of rain; incorrigibly refraining to budge an inch from its original ground,

It was the first structure on which the rain fell from the sky; later cascading down in minuscule rivulets towards soil,

It was the lone warrior which loomed large above all; when the entire city was inundated by a swirling flood,

It appeared almost invincible; with its formidable strength evading the mightiest of attack,

It reflected a tinge of robust pink; even when caught unaware in the midst of escalating flames,

It was the most contemporary piece of architecture ever existing; with its ergonomic interiors offering luxury befitting a king,

It was the very first expedition that students pursuing design were taken too; while visiting the modern city,

It was a manifestation of a battalion of ingenious design; involving countless engineers from all over the planet,

It was a feast to sight for the naked human eye; with its scintillating mirrors magnificently depicting the island of flaming Sun,

It harbored unfathomable number of royal conference rooms; golden elevators which transited you into a surreal spin; transporting you to a thousand meters above earth in fractions of seconds,

It was home for boundless individuals; evolving incredulous technology as each day crept from the horizon,

It was the nerve center for all business and trade; dictated life around the planet like nothing else did,

It was a monument about which; infinite lines had been written in the past; with the ink in the pen augmenting as each alphabet was drawn,

It was the stupendously captivating sight ever in history; fomenting every contemporary artist to ponder about,

And even today; even as each of its impregnable floor is reduced to raw ash; the perpetrators assuming themselves to be victorious have miserably failed; as its memories will live immortally in our hearts and The World Trade Center shall stand tall forever and ever and ever.


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