There Was Nothing Like Office

There was nothing like stink; in the dictionary of the rose; blossoming in the mesmerizing ambience of the valley,

There was nothing like cowardice in the dictionary of the lion; roaring its way thunderously through the dense outgrowths of the jungle,

There was nothing like adulteration in the dictionary of the gushing stream; cascading down the pristine slopes of the gorgeous mountain,

There was nothing like pessimism in the dictionary of the Sun; inundating every spot of earth with blistering rays and dazzling shine,

There was nothing like stain in the dictionary of the eraser; as it ruthlessly annihilated every blemish that it came across and caressed,

There was nothing like color in the dictionary of milk; as it oozed out impeccably white from the teats of the mother,

There was nothing like laziness in the dictionary of the clock; as it ticked diligently; without gasping the slightest for breath all round the clock,

There was nothing like dryness in the dictionary of the clouds; as they showered unrelentingly; flooding scorching mass of sand with heavenly water,

There was nothing like pandemonium in the dictionary of the valley; as it reverberated its echoes sonorous and clear; piercing every nook and cranny of the

There was nothing like sleep in the dictionary of the owl; as it incorrigibly kept awake all night; without batting its eyelids the slightest,

There was nothing like straightness in the dictionary of a dog; as it inevitably kept curling its tail; as hard as you might try and compress it,

There was nothing like euphoria in the dictionary of a yawn; as it was a perennial indication of a person to blissfully close his eyes; snore and sleep,

There was nothing like freezing in the dictionary of the fire; which leapt in handsome flames to try and sizzle the cosmos,

There was nothing like weakness in the dictionary of the boxer; whose swollen fists; craved inexorably to drill a hole through the wall,
There was nothing like bragging in the heart of a humanitarian; whose sole purpose in life was to uplift the downtrodden society,

There was nothing like empathy in the tears of the corrupt politician; who simply cried to gain votes and sympathy of the masses,

There was nothing like manipulation in the dictionary of the mother; as every word she uttered was in the benefit of her child,

There was nothing like devil in the dictionary of the temple; where sacrosanct bells kept ringing the essence of existence till eternity,

There was nothing like death in the dictionary of God; as he was immortal; guiding the destiny of all from the skies,

And there was nothing like office in the dictionary of my mind; as I was overwhelmingly busy in composing poetry; engrossed in poetic fantasy and entirely
oblivious to the vagaries of this mercenary world.


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