There Was Simply No Need

There was simply no need for a bicycle; an ostentatious car to maneuver me around,
Till the time I possessed a pair of strong feet; which robustly bore my weight; carried me to all places I desired.

There was simply no need for an angular binocular; an array of telescopic tubes circumventing my persona,
Till the time I had intricate pairs of glistening eyes; which placed me in stupendous ecstasy after sighting the twinkling stars.

There was simply no need for supersonic computer; a host of modern contrivances aligning my table,
Till the time I had fingers which could emboss beautiful calligraphy on bonded
paper; a brain of my own to use.

There was simply no need for a lifeboat to assist me choppy waters; a cavalcade of ships to ensure my safety,
Till the time muscle bulged from under my shirt; rubicund blood circulated through my veins.

There was simply no need for the mundane ceiling fan; suspended rigidly from the webbed ceiling,
Till the time my body could attune itself to the outside heat; audaciously confront droplets of poignant sweat trickling down my forehead.

There was simply no need for biscuits coated with lascivious honey; chicory
baskets replete with ravishing chocolate,
Till the time I could procure fresh fruits from nature; had an insatiable craving for fresh water in my bowels.

There was simply no need orators preparing and delivering my speech; with me
watching the scenario languishing beside the pool,
Till the time I had incarcerated in my mouth a fleshy tongue; which could swirl rampantly and eloquently speak.

There was simply no need for a mattress of swanky satin; strewn alongwith a
fleet of immaculate white pearls,
Till the time my bones were as solid as a rock; my skull was acclimatized to sleep on the plain stone floor.

There was simply no need for the bombastic shower; nimbly diffusing few droplets of water at a time,
Till the time there existed the country river; compounded with the exuberance in my soul to bathe in it.

And there was simply no need for me to worry; take a plethora of insurmountable tensions on my head,
Till the time there existed; my celestial mother; my loving beloved; and my
sacrosanct God.


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