When I placed it in my mouth; encircling my tongue all around it completely wetting its periphery,
The mercury inside rose meticulously to a holistic degree; perfectly indicating the exact temperature prevailing in my body.

When I placed it in boiling water; cooking neatly over dried logs of timberwood,
The mercury inside shot at alarming proportions; almost tearing through its fragile body; and as an aftermath wasn’t able to come down to its original position.

When I placed it amidst frozen cubes of white ice; making sure that it stood stringently upright,
The mercury inside couldn’t muster the slightest of tenacity to rise; it slept in its shell as if had died decades ago.

When I placed it in ploughed soil; abreast infinite numbers of freshly sown seeds,
The mercury inside nimbly rose a few millimeters; although it vehemently opposed for being subjected to maltreatment.

When I placed it in the baking oven; besides the scores of sizzling pancakes,
The mercury inside skyrocketed out of its shell; spread all over the pastry in intense indignation.

When I placed it in a silken web; with the gallant monster curiously inspecting the scintillating contraption,
The mercury inside was partially obscured from sight; it neither rose nor fell; although was a bit circumspect when the spider caressed it with its lips.

When It unwittingly slipped from my hands; colliding with a gentle thud on the obdurate ground,
The mercury inside pathetically leaked out of the instrument; and I feasted my eyes on its silver complexion blended with a captivating shine.

When I placed It in an alligators mouth; sandwiching it scrupulously between the monsters teeth,
The mercury inside seemed as if it simply wasn’t there; it had a died a fearful death even before I had opened the savage jaws of the beast.

When I placed under the palms of my beloved; letting her satiny hair cascade over its exteriors,
The mercury inside was as enthralled as I was; and it relished the prospect of rising to her perpetual warmth.

It was exquisitely sculptured; made of unbreakable glass; and had a handsome bulb of silver shining handsomely under the Sunlight,
And I made it a point of carrying it everywhere I went; had wholesomely given
the task of safeguarding my health; to my robust and crystalline thermometer.


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