Think Of The Almighty Creator

When you were exploring the mountains; think of the snow clad slopes; the colossal heights and exhilaration yet to be achieved,

When you were exploring the ocean; think of the resplendent scores of fish swimming around with uninhibited glee; the vivacious charisma of the frothy waters which struck you in boisterous tandem every minute,

When you were exploring the sky; think of the satiny conglomerate of clouds circumventing your body; the infinite number of fairies and angels residing
blissfully in cosmotic space,

When you were exploring the forests; think of the astounding fraternity of beasts that you were about to encounter; the boundless numbers of mystical webs which the spider had spun at every wooded inlet,

When you were exploring the corn fields; think of the farmer who had assiduously planted these countless saplings; the sporty grasshopper which played hide and
seek between the weeds,

When you were exploring the dungeons; think of the perennial darkness that lingered around; the enigmatically hooded serpent that sat majestically perched on the gargantuan pile of glittering gold,

When you were exploring the swanky office; think of the spuriously smiling boss sitting camouflaged behind the revolving chair; the incomprehensible number of
files and computers functioning to optimum ability all round the clock,

When you were exploring the brain; think of the incredulously charged up cells; the unfathomably exhaustive reservoir of memory and imagination that enabled a lean and rickety bodied man; to rule the entire world,

When you were exploring the royal palace; think of the kings and queens who must have adorned the diamond studded throne on their day; the legendary legacy they
bequeathed to their siblings even centuries after their death,

When you were exploring the roads; think about the incessant vehicle smoke that arose; the countless battalions of cars, scooters; the innocent pedestrians that trespassed unceasingly at every hour of the day and with every trickle of the night,

When you were exploring the gutters; think about the indefatigable number of squalid cockroach; the fat and parasitic leech which furtively oozed out from all corners to feast on innocuous blood and flesh,
When you were exploring the dictionary; think of the unsurpassable number of words that you were going to browse through; the stupendously enamoring meaning
that each page conveyed to enlighten your dreary senses,

When you were exploring the temple; think of the sacrosanct idols which were embodied inside; the omnipotent aura which they generated as you sedately passed them by,

When you were exploring the century old Banyan tree; think of the host of palpable organisms who had made it their dwelling place; the enchantingly entwined roots that dangled freely to give bored people a hearty swing,

When you were exploring the magnificently alluring building; think of the synchronized configuration of handsome bricks which fortified it from the outside;
the labyrinth of rooms and space which incorporated its strong belly,

When you were exploring the caves replete with frozen ice-cream; think of the slender icicles that were suspended languidly from the ceiling; the enormous amounts of titillating snow that that besieged every iota of free space,

When you were exploring the pugnacious battlefield; think of the valiant soldiers which beheaded their scalps for the sake of their country; fought audaciously against all odds to ensure that their countrymen slept blissfully under the quilts,

When you were exploring the handsomely sparkling glass; think of all those individuals who must have admired their reflections in the same; staring with profound fervor at their mesmerizing images which inadvertently unveiled,

When you were exploring the ship; think of the rubicund complexioned captain; the spell binding way in which it dexterously weaved through the fathomless sea,

When you were exploring the hand; think of the intricate lines bifurcating the palm in several directions; the captivating mounts embossed pompously on the same parting stupendous meaning and significance to life,

When you were exploring the nest; think of the dainty kingfisher who inhabited it; the clusters of delectable eggs which would soon hatch into innocuous beaked fledglings; flooding the atmosphere with their incoherent chirps,

When you were exploring the album of photographs; think of the moments when they might have been snapped; the exhilaration and the profound ecstasy with which the teenagers must have danced and smiled; while being captured by the contemporary camera,

When you were exploring the embellished candle; think of the intoxicating illumination it provides at night; the slim ray of magnificent crimson that adds a
smile to every life,

When you were exploring the lions den; think of the kingly beast that had irrefutably occupied it since times immemorial; the princely striped animal that paraded through the wild jungle; with every other insect worshipping its feet,

When you were exploring the medieval attic; think of the incorrigibly dusty pile of books stashed in realms of despondency; the charming utensils of pure bronze
which were once used for cooking vegetables in olden times,

When you were exploring the government; think of all the ministers who manipulated decisions at electric speeds; meticulously ruled the country with supreme efficacy and pride,

When you were exploring the barbers shop; think of the unending array of gleaming blades and reinvigorating perfume; the sensitively swishing voices as pairs of scissors fine trimmed barbaric roots of unruly hair,

When you were exploring the glamorous stage; think of all the actors and actresses who transgressed it in inimitable style; the astounding glitterati that engulfed their bodies as they wandered in front of the world in gay abandon,

When you were exploring the kitchen; think of all the recipes lingering in the tantalizing air; the lanky pile of piquant spices which superfluously beamed in
the refrigerator,

When you were exploring the tailors cubicle; think of the all the loosely stitched cloth sprawled around; the inconspicuous bits of fabric which evoked you to inevitably sneeze,

When you were exploring the garden; think of the armory of redolent roses that ubiquitously diffused their passionate aroma; the gawky blades of parrot green grass which tickled the body beyond unprecedented limits,

When you were exploring the lips; think of the voluptuous sensuality encompassing them; the insatiable urge they conjured to be ferociously kissed,

When you were exploring the tall chimney; think of the exhaustive plumes of black smoke that arose every second; the innocent soot deposited on the walls as the
air silently crept out,

When you were exploring the eye; think of the beautiful film of tears it produced every few seconds; the inexorable spell it cast upon when deeply stared into,

When you were exploring the leather belt; think of the uncannily slithering reptile with its fangs stretched apart; mercilessly massacred and astutely sheared for glorious skin,

When you were exploring the school; think of the impeccable children inhabiting its classrooms; the youth of tomorrow who would be solely instrumental in evolving the face of unveiling mankind,

When you were exploring the steep valley; think of the thunderous echo resonating against the rocks; the incessant singing of the flamingoes which descended down with vibrant ability and grace,

When you were exploring the bunch of corrugated keys; think of the maze of locks which they would decipher through; the invincible surfaces of iron that they opened with supremely nonchalant ease,

When you were exploring the hordes of sheep; think of the robust pieces of fur that they had the prowess to yield; the compassionate warmth which the wool would generate in time of horrendously freezing winter,

When you were exploring the marshy swamps; think of the ominously menacing alligator; the fleet of olive green crocodiles languishing on the banks as the mid
day Sun reached the pinnacle of its fury,

When you were exploring the song; think of the myriad of tunes which composed it; the heavenly cadence in its beats which conjured you into deep sleep,

When you were exploring the foamy bath; think of the fabulous bodies which splashed in it; the rejuvenating essence it imparted to the bleary senses to live
throughout the day,

When you were exploring the paintings; think of the artist who had sculptured them; flooding the barren sheet of canvas with vivacious strokes of vibrantly rich color,

When you were exploring the heart; think of the person for whom it turbulently throbbed; the sole entity for whom it had dedicated its life to exist for,

And when you were exploring life; think of the person who had instilled blood in your veins; breath in your nose; the tenacity to survive in your arms; the power
to unflinchingly move in your feet; the ability to discerningly sight in your crystalline eyes; the person who had bestowed upon you the ability to eloquently sing and speak; the person who was exactly responsible for what you were today; think of the
Almighty Creator.


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