The more you tried to stringently control it; the more it rampantly slipped away from your invincible grasp,

The more you tried to irrevocably stop it; the more it uncontrollably sped past the corridors of unceasingly unfathomable infinite infinity,

The more you tried to chauvinistically govern it; the more it inevitably took an insuperable grip upon even the most inconspicuous element of your destiny,

The more you tried to irretrievably compress it; the more it rebounded back towards the aisles of boundless eternity; forever and ever and ever,

The more you tried to truculently asphyxiate it; the more it uninhibitedly gallivanted like a majestic lion; for whom sky was the only veritable limit,

The more you tried to transcend beyond it; the more it left you a billion kilometers lagging behind; the instant you dared alight your nimble foot,

The more you tried to invidiously poison it; the more it sprouted afresh in a countless rejuvenatingly new forms; from a countless directions which you could never ever perceive,

The more you tried to chauvinistically incarcerate it; the more it unequivocally flew in the skies of unparalleled freedom; for centuries and moments immemorial,

The more you tried to torturously tie it; the more euphorically it leapt towards the paradise of Omnipotently silken freedom; magnificently attuning all humanity to the pragmatic essence of blissful existence,

The more you tried to bury it fathomless feet in the graveyards of hell; the more it profoundly perpetuated its insuperable grip upon every echelon of blessed living kind,

The more you tried to hedonistically distort it; the more it evolved into its unbelievably redolent grace; with the heavens of unassailable truth
written all over it,

The more you tried to abhorrently erase it; the more it unflinchingly burgeoned; into a fountain of invincibly redolent sagaciousness,

The more you tried to uncouthly repel it; the more it intractably embedded itself to every quintessentially happening aspect of your vibrant life,
The more you tried to make it derogatorily sedentary; the more it tirelessly ticked; not resting even an ethereal instant even after every organism on this earth had wholesomely extinguished,

The more you tried to satanically bribe it; the more it unstoppably blazed into an unprecedented gorge of patriotic truth and triumphant selflessness,

The more you tried to salaciously recycle it; the more it iridescently blossomed into unending newness; for moments beyond an infinite more births yet to unveil,

The more you tried to dastardly retract it; the more it jubilantly galloped towards the chapters of victoriously enchanting proliferation; eternally continuing God’s enthrallingly wonderful creation,

The more you tried to cold-bloodedly murder it; the more it spawned into bounteously everlasting prosperity; enlightening every organism alive with the
magic of spell binding optimism,

The more you tried to lethally silence it; the more it boisterously permeated the true spirit of endlessly God-gifted existence; to continents fathomlessly diversified; far and wide,

O! Yes and try as hard as you could; you simply wouldn’t be able control it; you simply wouldn’t able to stop it till the time you breathe and even after; for that’s how it has forever been; that’s how it is and by the grace of God shall forever be; O! Yes
believe it or not; but that for you is royally unconquerable time.


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