To Kill

Rays of glorious optimism; to kill the treacherously ghastly darkness of the sullen night,

Avalanches of tantalizing mysticism; to kill dreadful chapters of fetidly rotting monotony,

Dewdrops of philanthropic benevolence; to kill the bloody war of indiscriminate hatred,

Pearls of perpetual wisdom; to kill the famished tyranny of hopelessly debilitating illiteracy,

Cloudbursts of rhapsodic fantasy; to kill the painstaking agony of mutilating boredom,

Fountains of mesmerizing scent; to kill the disdainfully traumatic odor of manipulative prejudice,

Tornados of Herculean strength; to kill devastating laziness; slithering baselessly on chocolate brown wisps of mundane soil,

Fabulously sweet cocoons of honey; to kill ruthless animosity; parasitically sucking
all tribes,

Fireballs of untamed passion; to kill cold blooded frigidity; irrevocably refusing the web of mystique and love,

Mountains of astronomical conviction; to kill disastrous diffidence; deluged perennially in mournful remorse,

Rainshowers of irrefutable truth; to kill satanic chains of hideously ostentatious lies,
Swords of patriotic triumph; to kill traitors beheading their divinely sacrosanct motherland,

Volcano’s of unprecedented ecstasy; to kill self inflicted wounds of gory sorrow; tumultuously proliferating after caressing land,

Winds of insurmountable ambition; to kill utterly nonchalant staring into murky space; for centuries immemorial,

Voices of impeccably boisterous activity; to kill everlasting hours of compellingly abominable sleep,
Nostalgic reflections of childhood; to kill inevitably advancing age; and the fear of relinquishing all energy,

Romantic clouds of majestic art; to kill savage corruption and irate blasphemy of the living; in the stringently conventional society,

Perpetually augmenting thunderbolts of love; to kill insidiously capricious and perilous hatred,

And immortal rainbows of Godly life; to kill the heart of cowardly death; even before it could even nimbly arise.


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