To The Inimitably Godly Beats

My smile could perhaps have stirred you a trifle; drifting you an inconspicuous bit from your woefully tyrannical monotony,
But to her blissfully tinkling laughter; ebulliently danced the entire planet; with unsurpassable fervor; and timelessly outside.

My eyes could perhaps have punctuated you a trifle; casting an impression of transiently augmenting empathy; upon your luridly morass countenance,
But to her innocuously flirtatious winks; wonderfully cavorted the entire planet; with indefatigable mysticism; and tantalizingly outside.

My whispers could perhaps have enthralled you a trifle; ephemerally diverting your preposterously malicious mind towards an ocean of untamed enigma,
But to her mellifluously immaculate tunes; magically swayed the entire planet; with unrelenting euphoria; and vivaciously outside.

My muscles could perhaps have impressed you a trifle; capturing the crux of your imagination with the wand of miraculous machismo,
But to her divinely uninhibited selflessness; bountifully stooped the entire planet; with unparalleled obeisance; and celestially outside.

My eyebrows could perhaps have perpetuated you a trifle; engendering you to momentarily envisage the rhapsodically unknown; with their mischievously
resplendent twitching,
But to her fathomlessly poignant expressions; ingratiatingly resonated the entire planet; with perennial brotherhood; and ecstatically outside.

My shadow could perhaps have stupefied you a trifle; serenely placating your barbarously lambasted nerves; with the tonic of fugitive camaraderie,
But to her Omnipotently sacrosanct aura; symbiotically marched the entire planet; with the spirit of humanitarian bonding; and vibrantly outside.

My palms could perhaps have supported you a trifle; amiably sequestering your trembling flesh from the traitors; for just an infidel instant,
But to her invincibly everlasting uninhibitedness; perpetually sang the entire planet; with synergistically unblemished caring; and gloriously outside.

My fantasies could perhaps have enlightened you a trifle; fantastically enriching the fabric of your ignominiously dithering existence; for a few hours every day,
But to her unassailably enamoring genius; relentlessly proliferated the entire planet; with exuberantly charismatic newness; and Omnipresently outside.

My breath could perhaps have titillated you a trifle; miraculously reinvigorating your lividly deteriorating senses with the elixir of survival; for just an evanescent moment,
But to her insuperable cries of sparkling righteousness; effulgently radiated the entire planet; with undaunted resilience; and resplendently outside.

And my heart could perhaps have loved you a trifle; magnificently alleviating you of your inexplicably cancerous pain; for just an ethereal second every night,
But to the inimitably Godly beats of her newly born freshness; triumphantly throbbed the entire planet; with indomitably insatiable compassion; and immortally


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