To Win Her Heart

When I tried to reach her climbing perseveringly on the ladder; poking my head out embarrassingly; after reaching the 9th floor,
She gave me an obnoxious stare; thrusted the broomstick on my face; sending me hurtling down on the ground; petrified to the last bone of my spine.

When I tried to reach her in my private helicopter; hovering it at inches from her bedroom window,
She scornfully hurled disdainful pints off vanity powder at me; thoroughly blinding me; the aftermath of which caused me to crash land in the wilderness.

When I tried to reach her masquerading my voice like a female; attempting to fool her on the telephone,
She instantaneously deciphered my tone; barked a volley of malicious expletives at me; before ruthlessly banging down the receiver.

When I tried to reach her in my swanky car; pretentiously blowing its bombastic horn outside her door,
She mercilessly emptied the garbage can on my bonnet; left me in open mouthed consternation; with flies and cockroaches from the sewage crawling all over my body.

When I tried to reach her; sending her flowery letters; embossed with romantic lines which I had copied from the Shakespeare,
She had a hearty laugh after browsing through the same; snapped it into infinite fragments; throwing it into the remotest corner of her dustbin.

When I tried to reach her via the internet; sending her a greeting card; studded with outlines of shimmering silver,
She transferred the same into the trash can simply viewing my name; let alone reading the first alphabet of the electronic message.

When I tried to reach her on a horse; gallivanting effeminately in the vicinity of her residence,
She whispered to her friends to shoo me away; which they executed with supreme efficiency; pelting me with their shoes; and whatever rotten piece of junk that came across their hands.

When I tried to reach her through a diamond set; transferring the same into her jurisdiction alongwith a scintillating necklace of white pearls,
She envisaged me to be a rich mans son; distributed the beads amongst the beggars howling on the streets; after scrupulously entangling them from the strings.

When I tried to reach her through television; stylishly proclaiming her name; as well as announcing a reward to anyone who would bring her alive to me,
She was appalled at my maniacal tendencies; set the police hot on my trail; for pertinently blackmailing her.

While it was only when I reached her empty handed; barged through the door of her house in front of the unconventional society, audaciously blurted out ‘I love you; looking deeply into her eyes,
That I was able to ‘WIN HER HEART’ as she now perceived that I really loved her; wanted to imprison her forever in the vice like grip of my romance.


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