Tobby—My Sister’s Darling Everybody

Was he an angel who’d descended right from the center of the sky; to bless each ingredient of her space with unparalleled happiness—grant her the unfailing tenacity to reach closer to the most impossible of her dreams?

Was he an invincibly pristine cloud—which incessantly showered the golden rain of prosperity upon her bereaved countenance; saw to it that she came out effulgently alive- everytime she entered her corpse entirely dead?

Was he the ultimate prince of her miserably asphyxiated destiny—who metamorphosed every maelstrom of flagrant luck that dared come her way; into a fountain of perennial happiness?

Was he every mischievously uninhibited wrinkle in her otherwise livid kin—which profoundly inspired every tangible and intangible entity that she encountered on the streets—and fomented them to majestically think?

Was he the answer to every flummoxing enigma of her dreaded existence—the most perfect sound of ‘yes’ which unequivocally dissipated from each of her entangled heartbeat?

Was he the pricelessly ultimate valentine of her life—taking her a fathomless kilometers away from every brutally estranged reality; innocuously dancing with her all the time in God’s invincible paradise?

Was he the unsurpassable confidence that empowered even the tiniest of her veins—as the battlefield of life grew more and more cannibalistic and she was subjected to the goriest devils of sadistic blood?

Was he every different word of unbridled innocence that her mouth uttered— solely epitomizing only the essence of truth in a world – otherwise deplorably swamped by a pack of manipulative wolves?

Was he the very best and untainted form of God’s creation in her palms—uninhibitedly swaying from one corner to the other—and granting the most meaningful impetus to her in her impoverished life?

Was he the most unprejudiced moisture of her disdainfully shrunken eyes—genuinely leading her to the corridors of eternally magical freedom; reflecting her undying compassion for ever fraternity of living kind?

Was he the innermost voice of her inconspicuously buried soul—which earnestly strived for uniting the farthest ends of this boundless planet; into the insuperably miraculous religion of mankind?

Was he the embers of unflinching passion innately smoldering in her bruised bones—fervently clapping everytime she advanced towards any path of goodness; after crumbling into morbid soil?

Was he the impregnable fortress that fearlessly towered around each trembling part of her – safeguarding even the most infinitesimal aspect of her existence to the hilt — whilst she snored to the tunes of her very own whimsical dreams?

Was he the most faithful friend; philosopher and guide that she harbored—who stuck more unassailably to her than her very own shadow—even as she eccentrically marched the walk of ghastly death?

Was he her ultimate definition of a perfect living being—unfathomably mischievous and adventurous—yet one of the most immaculately princely pearl of God’s earthly rhyme?

Was he every heartfelt tear that effusively cascaded down her eyes — as every different human chose to befriend the commercially sleazy devil from the atmosphere — rather than blend with the beats of immortal love divine?

Was he each of her ancestor and sibling at the most crucially critical of her times—lending his poignant ears to even the inconsolable of her cries—when the rest of the ‘blood related’ word round her had died?

Was he an inimitable magician that suddenly appeared out of nowhere in her beleaguered life—ensuring the most charismatically magnetic smile on her lips till the very end of her time?

Was he each of her heartbeat which never betrayed—considering itself the richest on this earth alive—as it loved and acquired love of one and all on this gigantic planet alike?

Was he her most infallibly perfect impression on mundane soil—as she chose to tread the path never ever taken before—upon which failure was the most certainly biggest writing on the walls?

Ah well, for others he might as well been merely a dog named ‘ Tobby ‘ who had taken birth in the same form, at the same instant that he was dead – but for my sister he was; is and shall remain as her darling ‘ Everybody ‘ till she breathed her very last and till beyond a destined more of her nicely varied lifetimes.


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