Tomorrow- The Most Perpetually True Champion

“Yesterday”; was bizarrely pessimistic; morosely lingering into the treacherously inexplicable past; for no ostensible rhyme or reason,

“Today”; is stringently pragmatic; reminding you of your definitive set of responsibilities; towards your kin and every harmoniously spell-binding echelon of

“Just now”; is stupendously exhilarating; with the unstoppably inevitable whirlwinds of action; celestially unfurling right infront of your eyes,

But “Tomorrow” is the most perpetually true champion; is the most indomitably optimistic of them all; with invincible horizons of hope; charting undyingly brand
new pathways of unfettered success; on every step that you would ever dare to undertake.


“Yesterday”; was threadbarely pessimistic; fretfully reminiscing into the sinfully dolorous past; which was of the most unsurpassably nonsensical value to every
living being holistically alive,

“Today” is astutely pragmatic; triggering every tangible and intangible pore of your skin; to tirelessly fight for survival of the robustly fittest,

“Just Now” is innovatively exhilarating; with the panoramically untainted valleys of adventure; profoundly romanticizing with the intrepidly vivacious whites of your eye,

But “Tomorrow” is the most perpetually true champion; is the most brilliantly optimistic of them all; with a whole new uninhibited civilization of ardent hope;
knocking victoriously upon every impoverished rib of your chest.


“Yesterday” was deliriously pessimistic; maniacally clinching to the morbidly incarcerating past; which had already disappeared like the lame dogs tail; into
the sadistically sinful corpses of oblivion,

“Today” is irrefutably pragmatic; perpetuating you to solely walk forward; into the quintessential routines of the world; and as straight as the blazingly fiery
rays of the Sun,

“Just Now” is fearlessly exhilarating; wherein even the most magnetic bolts of thunder from the sky; cascaded at your weary feet; before you emanate your very
next breath,

But “Tomorrow” is the most perpetually true champion; is the most unassailably optimistic of them all; when every fresh ray of rhapsodically triumphant dawn;
reinvigorates life into even the most hopelessly motionless and dead.


“Yesterday” was diabolically pessimistic; forlornly brooding into the past; and letting its lugubrious jinx; insouciantly dull even the most ecstatically jubilant of your nerves,

“Today” is unconquerably pragmatic; confronting even the most ghastliest of situation; with the boundless valor of a poignantly unabashed warrior,

“Just Now” is amazingly exhilarating; when the winds of instantaneous romance and timelessly unbridled fantasy; swept you of your resplendent feet; like a majestically Omnipotent prince,

But “Tomorrow” is the most perpetually true champion; is the most undefeatedly optimistic of them all; wherein your every philanthropically humble desire; has an insuperable chance of metamorphosing into Omnipresent reality.


“Yesterday” was hopelessly pessimistic; wantonly burrowing into the maiming past; and wholesomely allowing the most intolerably hedonistic spasms of negativity; to rule supreme in every pore of your lambasted form,

“Today” is beautifully pragmatic; giving you no option whatsoever of wailing over your battered destiny; as each stroke of oncoming wind; vociferously commands
you to symbiotically acclimatize to the current moment,

“Just Now” is compassionately exhilarating; as you immediately witness all the burgeoning virile and truculently bad; unfurling right infront of your eyes;
and happening handsomely live on the trajectory of this fathomless Universe,

But “Tomorrow” is the most perpetually true champion; is the most sparklingly optimistic of them all; as the chapters of everlastingly proliferating life royally
replace the coffins of inevitably gory and lackadaisical death


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