Too Romantic Is Too Good

Too sad is too bad; as it wholesomely annihilates traces of exuberant energy from every domain of the body,

Too mysterious is too bad; as it imprisons a boundless myriad of explosive emotions deep within the fast diminishing soul,

Too angry is too bad; as it baselessly assassinates all the prudent sagaciousness lingering in your ingenious mind,

Too shy is too bad; as it indefatigably tries to conceal the truly flamboyant identity of a man,

Too dirty is too bad; as the obnoxiously hovering germs pertinently conflicted with the process of blossoming ebullience,

Too starved is too bad; as the unprecedented pangs of hunger in the stomach decimate all chances of plunging forward euphorically,

Too fast is too bad; as the Almighty Lord’s mesmerizing process of evolution remains incomplete,

Too morbid is too bad; as it pulverizes the island of overwhelming bliss into wisps of treacherous nothingness,

Too smart is too bad; as it disdainfully kills the immaculate child perpetually floating in your crystalline eyes,

Too dependant is too bad; as it ruthlessly rips apart your dynamic integrity from its very indomitable roots,

Too hysterical is too bad; as it makes you uncouthly mute to sorrow; during the course of your future life to unveil,

Too negative is too bad; as it pathetically massacres the wave of irrefutable optimism immortally enveloping your righteous conscience,

Too manipulative is too bad; as it drifts you further and further away from the insurmountably sacrosanct lap of your revered mother,

Too nervous is too bad; as it foments you to commit blunders in things; which you could have irrevocably owned above the rest,

Too wealthy is too bad; as it perpetuates you to become savagely oblivious to your intrinsic rudiments of existence,

Too powerful is too bad; as it engenders you to suck the blood of your fellow compatriots; whom God had created you equal with,

Too malicious is too bad; as it relentlessly coaxes you to hate every entity possessing a shade more than you,

Too suspicious is too bad; as it triggers you to relinquish and betray the everlasting love of your life,

Too punctual is too bad; as it diabolically snaps apart the uncanny excitement descending every unfurling instant; as you walked on the streets,

But too romantic is too good; as it makes you feel alive beyond your own self; as it makes you feel alive for the most fulfilling mission for which God sent you
upon on planet earth.


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