When I dared to touch the fiery and pugnacious ball of Sun; I got instantly electrocuted,
All the animate cells in my body got mercilessly charred; and I was decimated to a residue of finely chiseled black powder.

When I inadvertently touched acid bubbling in the dark crucible; my hands were rendered lifeless by the impact,
Loud screams of anguish echoed from my mouth; water globules rolled down my cheek; as I possessed insipid capacity to bear the pain.

When I touched red chili sprouting from the soil with my hands; there was a disdainful rash that spread on my skin,
Sizzling currents of electricity rain down my spine; succeeded by a feeling of sudden blindness in my eyes; as some of it had managed to enter the same.

When I touched bare wires of light with the rain pelting down; my body shook like a torrential volcano,
The conglomerate of my teeth chattered incessantly; and I fell down on the ground unconscious; inaudibly crying for water.

When I touched frozen ice strewn in abundance on slopes of the colossal mountain range; I felt my blood slightly freeze,
My hands went partially numb with sheer inability to move; and there was no sensation even when I punctured them with hot needles.

When I touched the aromatic elixir of petrol; there arose a deplorable stench in the air,
I was soon battling for life; encompassed in entirety by hostile flames; as someone in vicinity had alighted a matchstick.

When I gently touched the serrated green skin of the alligator; mistaking it for a jeweled fantasy island,
The beast made no mistakes; instead scrupulously dismantled my flesh from bone; before devouring me as a relishing meal.

When I touched wild blades of African grass standing tall at the equator; I felt inevitable sensations of itching besieging my persona,
Blotches of red soon enveloped my innocuous face; small rivulets of blood trickled down; as an aftermath of the raw scratching.

When I touched strongly blended white adhesive paint; presuming it to be frosty milk,
My palms irrevocably stuck to the concoction; and inspite of Herculean effort from my side; I was simply unable to free my grip.

And eventually when I touched her lips; wound my arms around her in an air tight embrace;
All my obstacles seemed to be vanquished; it was as if I was in the middle of a grandiloquent reverie; with the bond of our love growing perpetually stronger; as the minutes unleashed.


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