Tranquil Green Pastures

Tender green tufts of emerald green sponge,
riveted firmly to fertile landscapes of earth,
dancing to sedate tunes of swashbuckling breeze,
growing at rapid paces in a blend of manure and fresh water,
feasting on nutritious rays of unadulterated sunlight,
greedily devouring tap water sprinkled at spaced intervals of time,
glowing sedately in artificial lights of sodium bulb,
submerged in ponds of placid moonshine,
a bountiful warehouse of red ant and earth worm,
the green grass meadows were a breathtaking sight,
oblivious to the vagaries of jet paced life.

Cows grazed quietly trampling the grass cushions,
Long beaked cranes nibbled at pieces of left over corn,
Wild pigs gulped loads of untreated sewage,
Petite fleshy ducks floated in tank water,
Thoroughbred horses galloped in enclosures of wire mesh,
Athletic rabbits leaped with long strides of feet,
Wide winged eagles glided harmlessly through the sky,
It all seemed set for yet another day fading,
When finally the amber ball of sun hid behind the mountain,
Encompassing the tranquil green pastures with,
Tarpaulin covers of pitch dark night.


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