Dusty demeanor of the stone transited to sparkling grey,
as big crystal drops of rain fell in frenzy from the sky,
diffusing into multiple bubbles of clear froth,
evacuating streaks of dirt from morbid exteriors,
abandoning it with glowing tinges of torrential rain.

dilapidated walls of the tumble down hut transited to fortified enclosures,
as whirlwinds of silver sands struck them with brutal force,
steel grey waves of the sea deposited gallons of water,
and coconut trees shed their leafy clothes in plenty,
enveloping bare shivering walls of the coastal mansion,
with loads of compassion and benevolent warmth.

pitchers full of frosty milk transited to solid jelly,
when injected with volatile currents of frozen air,
placed on bulky slices of transparent ice,
exposed to bitter cold conditions of alps laden with snow,
the luke warm cow milk found no remorse,
yielding to vagaries of weather, magical prowess of frozen water.

hearts in tumultuous agony transited to fainter shades of sorrow,
as a person sobbed hysterically losing refined degrees of control,
saline tears rolling down his victimized cheek,
filtering colossal burdens from spaceships of mind,
releasing a flurry of emotions cascading down as salt water,
revitalizing him of the overwhelming distress and the mountain of misdeeds,
he lay listlessly sunk deep beneath.


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