True And Immortal Lover.

You entered my disastrously impoverished veins; which were staggering on the brink of lame extinction; like the poignantly priceless and ultimate bloodstream; of my solitary existence,

You entered my gruesomely empty palms; which were quavering towards the realms of horrendous oblivion; like the invincibly unflinching and ultimate destiny; of my bedraggled existence,

You entered my haplessly diminishing eyes; which were painstakingly wailing towards the midnight of irrevocable blackness; like the victoriously undefeated and ultimate vision; of my floundering existence,

You entered my devastatingly collapsing shoulders; which were prejudiced by the castrated onslaught of the manipulative society; like the compassionately unshakable and ultimate fortitude; of my deteriorating existence,

You entered my pathetically distorted fingers; which were maimed by brutal plagiarism all around; like the triumphantly insuperable and ultimate artistry; of my invisible existence,

You entered my ghoulishly parched throat; which was dismally stuttering like a hoarsely dying frog; like the unconquerably blissful and ultimate voice; of my dwindling existence,

You entered my deliriously estranged brain; which was ruthlessly imprisoned by nothing else but a corpse of livid meaninglessness; like the beautifully silken and ultimate fantasy; of my preposterous existence,

You entered my inexplicably thwarted ears; which were fecklessly bombarded by solely the sounds of hopelessness; like the infallibly symbiotic and ultimate sounds; of my truncated existence,

You entered my drearily beleaguered feet; which were aimlessly squandering towards the mortuaries of asphyxiating hell; like the unassailably philanthropic and ultimate mission; of my evaporating existence,

You entered my penuriously trembling chest; which was barbarously orphaned by every speck of this commercially treacherous planet; like the inimitably bountiful and ultimate savior; of my incarcerated existence,

You entered my lackadaisically amorphous lips; which were divested of the tiniest affinity since decades immemorial; like the miraculously ameliorating and ultimate smile; of my waywardly existence,

You entered my severely lambasted cheeks; which were bludgeoned left; right and unsparing center by the infinite kicks of mundane society; like the wondrously enamoring and ultimate blush; of my victimized existence,

You entered my agonizingly holocaustic soul; which was cancerously enslaved by the non-existent spirit of the rampaging devil; like the ubiquitously bounteous and ultimate divinity; of my disappearing existence,

You entered my inexplicably emaciated skin; which was horrendously frozen to the last bone of the ludicrous spine; like the magically proliferating and ultimate virility; of my condensed existence,

You entered my lugubriously flailing chin; which was wantonly leaning infront of the coffins of utterly penalizing despondency; like the unshakably brilliant and ultimate hope; of my indecipherable existence,

You entered my nervously fluttering shadow; which was the most glaring exemplification of failure on this fathomless Universe; like the brilliantly unfettered and ultimate Sun; of my ragamuffin existence,

You entered my uncannily slavering tongue; which was being rapaciously coerced to slaver for all that is sinful on this parasitic globe; like the undauntedly celestial and ultimate conviction; of my minuscule existence,

You entered my maniacally gasping nostril; which inhaled nothing else but unbearably despicable corruption on this cold-blooded earth; like the perennially blossoming and ultimate freshness; of my gaunt existence,

You entered my traumatically directionless heart; which had become wholesomely oblivious to the palpitation of unceasing desire; like the resplendently Omnipotent and ultimate friendship; of my thinning existence,

And after entering each conceivable pore and cranny of my existence;
made me yours and only yours forever; true and Immortal Lover.


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