True Love

It was sweeter than the supremely sweet chocolate candy,
It was more pungent than fresh slices of green chili,
It was shriller than the mesmerizing chirping of jungle nightingale,
It was more captivating than a thoroughly animated game of cricket,
It was darker than the most opalescent of pastel color,
Its sting was infinite times more than austerely venomous beetle,
It was more obdurate than the strongest piece of rotund stone,
It was denser than the bountiful bunch of hair riveted to scalp,
It was more transparent than the most scintillating of pellucid glass,
It was thornier than the bushiest of desert cactus,
It was more sparkling than the most polished of marble floor,
It was cooler; than the most efficacious of air-conditioner,
It was saltier than the saline waves radiating from the persona of colossal ocean,
It was crisper than the most poignant of edible biscuit,
It was brighter than the golden rays of the brilliantly dazzling Sun,
It was more fragrant than the tantalizingly aromatic crimson rose,
It was more picturesque than sprawling mountain ranges embossed with perennial
It was more flexible than the most malleable of tree rubber,
It was whiter than the purest of pearly cow milk,
It was more vociferous than the thunderous waterfall colliding with jagged rock,
It was more stringent than the teacher slashing an innocuous student with a leather cane,
It was softer than the satiny quilt stuffed with loads of flocculent cotton,
It was more sharp than the acerbic edges of broken glass,
It was sleeker than the articulately moulded race sedan,
It was more salubrious than the tastiest of consumable food,
It was more tenacious than sporadic currents of electricity traversing through
cable wires,
It was more handsome than a scrupulously embellished; pampered prince,
It was more volatile than the most radioactive of atom bomb,
It was more enigmatic than the most mystical of historical scripture,
It was more profound than the accepted axioms of contemporary science,
It was more prolific than the athlete with the most number of football goals,
It was more immaculate than the palpable heart of a life rendering mother,
It was more enticing than the most ravishing of malt whisky and Caribbean rum,
It was faster than the speed at which the aircraft sped through placid carpets of
cool air,
It was more intricate than the most coherently synchronized poetic verse,
It was more supple than the most succulent of ripened water melon,
It was more effusive than a stream of tears cascading down tender cheek,
It was more intense than scarlet blood trickling down raw wounds,
And it was more omnipotent than any offering made to the All-Mighty,
O! yes the thing; that has made me scribble infinite lines to describe,
Was none other than incorrigibly imprisoning true love


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