Truth Is Always Naked

Victory is always sweet; a perpetual trouncing of the corpses of the hedonistically slandering devil; by the winds of eternally undefeated righteousness,

Honesty is always persevering; an ocean of pricelessly unflinching sweat; that eventually wins over even the most infinitesimal anecdote of treacherously prejudiced debauchery,

Friendship is always compassionate; a perennial melanging of two souls into one; irrespective of caste; creed; color or the unfurling of astoundingly zipping time,

Childhood is always pristine; an indefatigable culmination into the most innocuously unfettered fantasies of vibrant tomorrow; and a fathomless kilometers away from even the most mercurial of hideous manipulation,

Adventures are always exhilarating; an unabashedly blissful venturing into the corridors of the uncannily unknown; rejuvenating every monotonously emaciated
cranny of the body with timelessly mesmerizing spice,

Beauty is always ravishing; a panoramically unbridled triumph of sensuousness over the sacrilegiously demented corpses of stagnation; for a countless more births yet
to arrive,

Benevolence is always altruistic; an unendingly selfless wind of companionship; which embraces every tangible and intangible entity on this fathomless Universe; in
its impregnably amiable swirl,

Creation is always artistic; an inexhaustible cistern of inimitably unparalleled energy; which burgeons into the most brilliantly optimistic shapes of an interminable tomorrow,

Smiles are always inspiring; triggering rays of unassailably bounteous hope; into the lives of all those deplorably devastated beyond the threshold of inexplicably hapless despair,

Blood is always humanitarian; coalescing the entire boundlessly effulgent Universe into a spell bindingly united mass; irrespective of whether it belonged to a;
“Hindu”; “Muslim”; “Buddhist”; or “Christian”,

Soul is always uplifting; incessantly continuing to drift into every ounce of goodness on this endlessly fructifying earth; even after the last expunging of divinely breath,

Symbiotism is always unconquerable; an untamed inferno of mutually ebullient desire; which timelessly bonded every conceivable element of free space; in the threads of benign holiness,

Yearning is always passionate; indispensably massacring even the most raunchily indiscriminately of hurdles that ever dared come in between; its royally tantalizing way,

Hunger is always natural; perpetually differentiating us insipidly greedy living beings; from the heavens of the insuperably Omnipotent and fearless Lord,

Flirtation is always mischievous; rekindling the spirit to survive as the most effervescently beautiful organism; even when buried an infinite feet beneath
insouciantly meaningless mud,

Sleep is always celestial; replenishing even the most truculently lambasted arenas of the deteriorating body; with the mists of everlastingly heavenly rest,

Shadows are always mystical; undauntedly weaving an ever-pervadingly panoramic gorge of astounding fantasy; which seductively enshrouded even the obsolete cranny of the invisible veins,

Breathing is always fiery; perpetuating an unlimited forest of desire even in the most meaninglessly wanton of spaces; perpetuating the most veritably dead to euphorically surge forward in the true fervor of life,

And “Truth is always Naked”; candidly exposing the most inconspicuous of ins and outs of your persona; like when the Omniscient Creator was writing the destiny of this undying planet; and without the tiniest twitch of the eye.


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