Ultimate Utopia

You definitely get nothing else but diabolically stabbing hell; by venomously blinding innocuous children; just in order to make them your fortune collectors on the threadbare street; whilst you blew away their earnings in tawdry smoke and wine,

You definitely get nothing else but truculently ineffable hell; by sadistically torturing your old parents; viciously dictating them to lick the last iota of grime from your sordid floor; whilst you deliberately dirtied it once again with your plethora of misdeeds,

You definitely get nothing else but deplorably asphyxiating hell; by maiming countless helpless and infirm under your devilishly speeding car tyre; just to mollify the unbearably perverted rush of adrenalin in your persona,

You definitely get nothing else but venomously evaporating hell; by devilishly exploiting the weaknesses of all those people whom you knew; and once upon a time had made them confide in you; just to deliriously strangulate later on with their very own inevitable shortcoming,

You definitely get nothing else but blasphemously deteriorating hell; by salaciously cutting down fathomless forests and trees; just for erecting your monstrously robotic coffins of; despicably corporate concrete,

You definitely get nothing else but sinfully pulverizing hell; by pugnaciously embossing the stamp of the raunchily marauding devil; upon every impregnably venerated space of righteousness,

You definitely get nothing else but cold-bloodedly torturous hell; by unrelentingly trampling over a boundless innocent and impoverished; to uncouthly leap up the ladder; whose each step was success profusely soaked; in impeccable blood,

You definitely get nothing else but violently victimizing hell; by viciously making people slave for you; as you heartlessly incarcerated even the most infinitesimal ounce of their pristinity; in the shackles of your unforgivable drudgery,

You definitely get nothing else but parasitically demonic hell; by uncouthly spitting upon the inimitably unconquerable creativity of artists; condemning them as nothing else but ignoramus wastrels; untiringly staring into meaningless bits of sky,

You definitely get nothing else but inconsolably hideous hell; by unsparingly desecrating every Image; Idol; Church; Mosque; Temple; Monastery of Almighty Lord; just to meaninglessly prove that it was none other than you; who held the reigns of
this boundlessly bestowing Universe,

You definitely get nothing else but cruelly emaciating hell; by manipulatively separating two true lovers; just because your own love could never ever fructify and eternalize in the chapter of vivacious life,

You definitely get nothing else but ghastily slavering hell; by truculently going against the laws of symbiotism and nature divine; crafting an idiosyncratically crucifying path of your very own; which eventually led to the mortuaries of ultimate oblivion,

You definitely get nothing else but licentiously devastating hell; by unbearably dividing the entire spell bindingly united planet; into despondently fetid corpses of caste; creed; color; spurious tribe and kind,

You definitely get nothing else but invidiously lambasting hell; by criminally divorcing your sacrosanct spouse forever from your life; just too fulfill your satanic passions; differently every sinister midnight,

You definitely get nothing else but unthinkably torturous hell; by hedonistically raping every nubile woman that you encountered; excoriating her divinely chastity; only to emerge victorious in each of your rapacious desires,

You definitely get nothing else but penuriously devastating hell; by perpetuating the most treacherously unforgivable riots of all times; atrociously manipulating religious sentiment; to gain the political mileage of your life,

You definitely get nothing else but maliciously amorphous hell; by listening and implementing upon every derogatorily inhuman voice; whereas each ardently earnest beat of your heart; forever told you to spread the message of peace and compassionate friendship,

You definitely get nothing else but reproachfully lamenting hell; by sinfully committing dastardly suicide; closing your breath forever and without the orders of the Omniscient Almighty,

On the contrary you definitely get nothing else but ultimate utopia; in every instant of your present and future life; with each element of gory brilliantly metamorphosing into Godly paradise; the moment you simply spoke; implemented; and perennially advocated the mantra of Immortal Love; wrote and substituted the same for the above spitefully abhorrent lines


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