Unbiased Beauty

I covered my body with pure silk garment,
sprinkled wild shrub extract on countless pores of skin,
shaved my face of the minutest of hair with Flintstone,
oiled scalp root hair till they shone like gold,
massaged my arms with sandalwood paste,
bathed in perfumed water cascading from the mountain,
rubbed teeth enamel with neem tree bark,
adorned eyelashes with wax mascara,
crushed lotus petals with my feet,
polished my nails with rose nail paint,
evacuated moistened sweat with cologne tissue,
slept on king sized bed filled with iced water,
walked through dungeons dripping with grape vine rain,
cut slices of peach with diamond studded knife,
rolled wildly in heaps of talcum powder,
transforming my wheatish flesh to snow white.
licked my lips with slimy tongue,
accentuating their blood red colour,
i then stared in the mirror,
awaiting kingly handsome flashes of reflection,
the thick glass reflector vomited artificial beauty,
echoed that true splendor lies in unbiased love,
residing deep in dormitories of throbbing heart


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