Uncrowned King

Corrugated branches of live wood,
oozing bitter colored milk when sliced with axe,
sprouting from infinite spots of tree trunk,
slender, thick, long, strong,
angular sticks of dark brown,
irregular planks of breathing timber,
tapered at ends with several offshoots,
alongwith tiny buds concealed in darkness,
awaiting encounter with rustic breeze,
bearing bunches of fresh green leaves,
spiraling down towards the earth,
compressed by sheets of torrential rain water,
tumbling from black moisture laden clouds,
drenching completely foliage and tall tree,
a breeding palace for,
bushy squirrels, migratory birds,
camouflaged lizards, black ants,
sharp witted fox, night watchman owl,
red beaked parrot, grey crested pigeon,
an essential commodity for crackling firewood,
spreading its roots in deep tunnels of soil,
growing fast and wide through dispersion of seed,
a soothing sight to the human eye,
its branches whistling with the wind,
the neem tree is granted the status of the, oldest uncrowned king.


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