Under The Very Broadest Of Daylight

I wanted to inconsolably sob only when it was unrelentingly raining; so that every single droplet of my ungainly hysteria went astoundingly unnoticed; in the torrentially unabashed downpour,

I wanted to uncontrollably tremble only when it was ghoulish midnight; so that every single of my dastardly apprehension went incredulously unnoticed; in the swirl of the unsurpassably pitch dark blackness,

I wanted to intransigently scream only when it was unendingly reining pugnacious war all around; so that ever single of my arrogantly bigoted spark went stupendously unnoticed; in the thunderous roar of the enemy,

I wanted to pathetically urinate only when it was ferociously roaring sea all around; so that every single globule of my lividly fetid defecation went amazingly unnoticed; in the fathomlessly impregnable waters of the ocean,

I wanted to inevitably lie only when it was in the premises of the politicians dwelling; so that every single ingredient of my humanitarian fallacy went unbelievably unnoticed; in the ultimate mortuary of sacrilegiously unbearable wrongdoing,

I wanted to unceasingly bleed only when it was amidst a fathomless field of sliced watermelons all around; so that every single element of my unfathomable agony
went spectacularly unnoticed; in a cosmos of endlessly enriching redness,

I wanted to vindictively spit only when it was on the frosty shores of the boundlessly undulating ocean; so that every single molecule of my worthless saliva went
victoriously unnoticed; in a passionately unparalleled inferno of foaming froth,

I wanted to worthlessly yawn only when it was thunderously lightening cats and dogs all around; so that every single whisper of my lugubriously thwarted laziness went miraculously unnoticed; in the inexorably unstoppable roars of compassionate thunder,

I wanted to unabashedly groan only when it was an atmosphere being interminably inundated by the mellifluously selfless nightingale’s sounds all around; so that every single penurious discrepancy of mine went magically unnoticed; in the melody of
universally bonding togetherness,

I wanted to childishly squabble only when it was solely a world of innocuously new born infants all around; so that ever single of my ridiculous babyishness went wholesomely unnoticed; in the incoherent wailing of uninhibitedly fresh born life,

I wanted to humanitarianly lose only when it was earth consisting of boundlessly glistening desert all around; so that every single of my decrepit loss went wondrously unnoticed; in the inexplicably unlimited cocoons of slippery sand,

I wanted to heartlessly massacre both plant and animal for feeding my stomach only when it was the absolute descent of oblivion all around; so that every single of my indispensably committed misdeed went forgivably unnoticed; in the cadaverous vacuum of already existing nothingness,

I wanted to visit the most sensuously nubile vixens only when it was the devil’s invisible hour upon planet earth; so that every single desire of my rapaciously titillated flesh went wondrously unnoticed; in the forest of cannibalistically lamenting wilderness,

I wanted to pugnaciously pack a punch only when it was the epitome of Everest ruling supreme in the atmosphere; so that every single of my bludgeoning
impetuousness went thrillingly unnoticed; in the limitlessly unconquerable peaks of the earth,

I wanted to salaciously gamble only when it was an infinite waterfalls of inebriating liquor cascading all around; so that every single of my insatiable greed went uninterruptedly unnoticed; in the uncannily unending haze of uncontrollably faltering alcohol,

I wanted to impoverishedly stagger only when it was the mightiest of mountains crumbling down like a pack of frigid matchsticks all around; so that every single
of my wastrel faltering went beautifully unnoticed; in the unprecedentedly hurtling ambience of failure weighing supreme,

I wanted to defeatedly abort my own child only when it was a planet of hedonistic vultures satanically plucking stinking carrion all around; so that every single of my dastardly misdoings went superbly unnoticed; in the unimaginably demonic maelstrom of guttural malice,

I wanted to nimbly surrender only when it was a ludicrously eunuch like planet; neither masculine nor feminine all around; so that every single ounce of my
unmanliness went entirely unnoticed; in the frigidly asphyxiating smoke of jinxed impotence,

And I wanted to be captured by the spirit of Immortal Love; make fierily passionate love; give Omnisciently inimitable love; every unfurling instant of my diminutively destined life; yet more specifically under the most visibly blazing rays of the Omnipotent Sun; under the very broadest of daylight.


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