United Existence

Please adorn my fingers with rings of glittering gold; with the metal tightly clinging to my skin,
And the shimmer emanating profoundly illuminating the gloom lingering around; exotically piercing through the blackness of the atmosphere.

Please embellish my earlobes with sparkling diamonds; pellucid beads of stone
weaving a way through the walls of my eardrum,
And the glow disseminating voluptuously tickling your senses; making you gasp
in spell bound consternation.

Please beautify my intricate feet with anklets of scintillating silver; incongruous golden threads engulfed loosely around,
And the tinkling sound making your body stagger; fomenting infinite goose
bumps on your robust flesh.

Please embed my petite palms with mystical designs; coating them with a stringent extract of sandalwood powder,
And the mesmerizing aroma inevitably reviving your dead bones; causing beads
of ecstatic perspiration to trickle down your nape.

Please paint my nails with gaudy color; blending alluring shades of scarlet
gently on their periphery,
And the flamboyant display causing you to trip over your face; in your attempt
to sight them at close quarters.

Please decorate my neck with a necklace of glistening pearls; cascading in
perpetual harmony down my chest,
And the shine diffusing enticing you to come near me; caress my shoulders with
your passionate breath.

Please smudge my lips with garish lipstick; rampantly applying it all over their fluffy periphery,
And the luscious color radiating compelling you forcibly; to taste their sweetness, suckle them with your tongue in entirety.

Please drench my body with emollient rose spray; the reinvigorating droplets
of water splashing all over my entity,
And the enamouring smell that wafted; drawing you closer to my persona from
miles apart.

Please garnish my eyelashes with piquant mascara; enveloping my lids with
outlines of emerald green,
And the fiery rays that emitted placing you into a celestial stupor; drowning
you wholesomely into the unfathomably deep ocean of my eyes.

Please impregnate my scalp with your blood; scrupulously bifurcating my hair
into commensurate halves,
And the tenacity in our romance profoundly portrayed to the world; proclaiming
us to be bond in threads of holy matrimony.

Please flood my heart with your love; filling every empty pore with the fervor in your veins,
And the essence of our love spreading far and distant; bonding us immortally in the chords of united existence.


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