Veritable Death Mine

My mind was like the fulminating volcano; which kept on passionately erupting; even after the entire earth had blissfully slept,

My mind was like an uninhibitedly philandering panther; which thunderously roared each unfurling second of the day,

My mind was like a turbulently swirling ocean; which culminated each instant into a flurry of violent waves,

My mind was like the poignant whirlpool of sand; which evolved at cyclonic speeds; sweeping across the fathomless deserts inevitably every afternoon,

My mind was like the blazing inferno; which kept augmenting to astronomical heights with each nimble stroke of the brazen wind,

My mind was like the hideously savage vulture; whose hunger arose the very next moment; after it had just devoured its previous bit of robust carrion,

My mind was like the indefatigably running spider; which didn’t rest for even a minuscule minute; entrenched and wavering amidst the silvery strands of its web,

My mind was like streaks of white lightening which profusely enveloped the sky; creating insanely havoc on the whatever space they fell,

My mind was like infinite clouds sprawled vindictively in the cosmos; creeping up every day to try and camouflage vivacious rays of brilliant light,

My mind was like the unstoppably perennial stream; which leapt and swelled; irrespective of the acrimonious battalion of barricades that confronted it in its celestial way,

My mind was like the plane which inexorably kept flying all its life; without stooping down a fraction; or caressing the tarmac with its spongy sheath of wheels,

My mind was like the mystical echo which reverberated countless number of times; after ephemerally clashing against the formidably boundless valley,

My mind was like the lethally bouncing striped shark; which unrelentingly surged forward with hostile euphoria even in the middle of the perilously gloomy night,

My mind was like the centuries old grandfather clock; which continued to tirelessly tick; irrespective of the most deadliest of holocaust or rain,
My mind was like the deafening thud of the dinosaurs foot; which kept going on and on for times immemorial; even after the monster had become remotely obsolete and wholesomely extinct,

My mind was like the globules golden sweat; which kept incorrigibly trickling down the arms; even after applying the most profound balm of stupendously redolent scent,

My mind was like the unfathomably deep well; which indeed did have an opening; but there simply seemed no end,

My mind was like the tangible population; which perpetually kept increasing as each second unveiled into a full fledged minute

In the end it is my humble plea to you; O! Almighty Creator; not to give people a mind like mine; for although I had developed an intrinsic bondage with its vagaries over a period of time; for others it could very well prove to a veritable death mine.


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