Wasn’t It Better

Wasn’t it better to give those left over chunks of dough to the stray dogs on the street; rather than pugnaciously stuffing them into the heart of the dolorously fetid dustbin?

Wasn’t it better to use those extravagantly superfluous ingredients of your wealth to enlighten the lives of all those inexplicably impoverished; rather than spuriously abandoning them to increase the weight of gold in your bathroom chair?

Wasn’t it better to mold those pieces of sordid rubber to cushion some destitute scalp; rather than winding them pretentiously to make them your pompous pet cat’s string?

Wasn’t it better to marvelously share the bountiful beauty of your garden with the tyrannically famished Universe outside; rather than ruthlessly incarcerate
the flowers to be your sanctimonious bedroom delights?

Wasn’t it better to philanthropically donate your blood to all those gruesomely debilitated; rather than indiscriminately burning it in a world of satanically
manipulative lechery?

Wasn’t it better to uninhibitedly about all gorgeously ebullient beauty of this colossal planet; rather than insipidly wasting the dormitories of your fertile
brain to the web of insanely cold-blooded drudgery?

Wasn’t it better to enchantingly deluge the lives of countless disastrously orphaned with the melody in your heavenly voice; rather than uncouthly expurgating it only for irate abuse?

Wasn’t it better to Omnisciently donate your eyes after you relinquished your last iota of breath; rather than allowing them to horrendously decay infinite feet beneath your veritable grave?

Wasn’t it better to embrace uncontrollably shivering organisms in the swirl of your compassionately invincible chest; rather than diabolically pulverizing
innocent bones with its Herculean strength?

Wasn’t it better to sagaciously utilize your knowledge to blissfully enlighten the haplessly illiterate; rather than malignantly drifting it to evolve bombs; which could mercilessly devastate the entire living kind?

Wasn’t it better to allow your enchantingly shimmering shadow to celestially rejuvenate bizarrely frazzled human kind; rather than lugubriously blending with the realms of meaningless hell?

Wasn’t it better to tirelessly admire the astronomically aristocratic beauty of this
unsurpassably regale Universe with each of your senses; rather satanically dictating them to parasitically suck immaculate blood?
Wasn’t it better to admirably use your robust shoulders to hoist unfortunate urchins and make them ecstatically fly; rather than disgustingly shrug them
towards the very entities; who gave you miraculous birth?

Wasn’t it better to amiably spend your spare moments in the company of those penuriously bereaved who needed you the most; rather than drain them like a
lackluster skeleton in the corpse of sleazily adulterated wine?

Wasn’t it better to speak the irrefutably unconquerable just once; rather than indefatigably hide your ludicrously trembling skin; under the curtain of a boundless derogatory lies?

Wasn’t it better to eternally use your lips to kiss the fragrance of everlasting humanity; rather than criminally bite all with abominably proliferating hatred?

Wasn’t it better to impart all your short clothes to those existing beneath the preposterously mortifying poverty line; rather than torch them in a bonfire to
worthlessly tingle; your already opulent night?

Wasn’t it better to Omnipresently utilize those extra puffs of your breath to revive the morbidly dying; rather than trying to impossibly store them in your
lungs; in the baseless hope of surviving a countless more lives?

And wasn’t it better to uninhibitedly free the beats of your heart to bond with their immortal soul mate; rather than clinically imprisoning them in the center
of your chest; in the feckless fear that you might lose them?


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