What Happens

What happens when branch leaves wither in freezing winter,
the tree body stands devoid of leafy clothing all day and night.

What happens when frosty cream is sucked from cow milk,
the solution rendered listless, resembles white mineral water.

What happens pure petrol is mixed with stale kerosene,
the car machinery stutters, vomits in pain, unable to budge an inch further.

What happens when a horse is kissed by fiery cigarette butt,
it throws its master topsy-turvy, galloping at mounting spurts of speed.

What happens when the vociferous sea is evacuated of water,
demonic thunder clouds of rain refrain from being formed.

What happens when children are introduced to the nefarious world of crime,
they indulge in rampant massacre, consuming human blood like stream water.

What happens when chunks of bread are left to die,
red ant and a plethora of fungus devour it rapidly.

What happens when body is drenched with rotten tobacco juice,
there develops an everlasting stench of decayed lizard.

What happens when coconut shell is slammed hard on human skull,
the fruit bursts open proving feeble against volatile energy of the brain.

What happens when we swallow a pitcher full of scotch whisky,
the inbuilt body clock remains in heavy sedation all Sunlit day.

What happens when partially blind left are to waver on the busy street,
they guide themselves adroitly, relying solely on sensory touches of touch and smell.

What happens when human beings are replaced by robots,
tasks get executed to immaculate perfection, without palpable emotions of hatred and unbiased love.


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