What Is A Poem?

A poem is; an everlasting ocean of poignant empathy; that envelops you in winds of insatiable euphoria and tantalizingly rhapsodic caress,

A poem is; a marvelous compilation of majestic art; cascading like the most opulent river of happiness; in your times of morbidly murderous gloom,

A poem is; a cloudburst of tumultuously piquant emotions; forever and irrefutably ensuring that; you kept gallivanting ahead with the delectably pristine ardor of life,

A poem is; a fathomless canvas of vivacious color and ingratiating charm; deluging every cranny of your ludicrously impoverished existence; with all mesmerizing goodness; stupendously overpowering the atmosphere,

A poem is; a wave of glorious royalty that romantically sweeps across your dreary nerves every dawn; titillates you into fireballs of untamed imagination; all throughout the fabric of the voluptuously enchanting night,

A poem is; the most grandiloquently flaming epitome of triumph; harboring you in its invincible belly of endless fantasy; nourishing each iota of your blood; like a sacrosanct mother,

A poem is; a boisterously humming bee of ecstatic jubilation; diffusing the profound sweetness of mystical existence; on whichever path you chose to
philanthropically tread,

A poem is; an unfathomable myriad of enigmatic undulations; intriguingly weaving through unsurpassable joy and inexplicable gloom in life; alike,

A poem is; the most embellished form of written expression; catapulting you to infinite kilometers above the divinely conglomerate of celestial clouds; to bask in the unprecedented glory of priceless learning,

A poem is; an incomprehensible mountain of intrepid philosophy; the most turbulently ebullient portrayal of the mind; body and blissfully philandering soul,

A poem is; a symbol of ubiquitous harmony; uniting civilizations irrespective of caste; creed or color from all across the fathomless planet; in its invincible blanket of humanity; alike,

A poem is; an unequivocal path of righteousness that transpires you to wholeheartedly pursue your gorgeous curtain spread of benevolent dreams; your spice to passionately embrace life and lifeless sleep; romantically and alike,
A poem is; an unrelenting thunderbolt of perennial desire; encapsulating your diabolically dwindling bones; with the eternal fervor to exhilaratedly leap
forward in vibrant life,

A poem is; the sacrosanct constituent of a writers imagination; his intransigent propensity and heavenly fodder; to compassionately lead a countless more
exotic lives,

A poem is; a boundlessly ardent craving for harmonious bliss to impregnably descend; incarcerating all those disastrously devastated; with the incredulously
ingratiating melody in its rhythm,

A poem is; a resplendently twinkling sky of perpetual yearning; showering its rain of unparalleled enthusiasm; upon every quarter of this earth; besieged with horrifically debilitating darkness,

A poem is; a magical whirlpool of fervently diffusing breath; that instills Omnipotent life; even in the most languidly ungainly and satanically maimed,

A poem is; a tantalizingly seducing princess; grandiloquently culminating into a mist of fascinating desire and astoundingly bountiful grace; on every iota of space; she blessedly blended with,

Over and above all; A poem is; the innermost fulmination of the immortally throbbing heart; transcending well above the boundaries of conventionally parasitic form; rule and structure; every true artists desire to take indefatigably breath for; abnegating his last trace of life for it; only to rejoice with it perpetually in realms of Omnipresent heaven.


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