What Purpose Did Life Have To Exist?

What purpose did the grass have to exist; without the astoundingly scintillating sheath of perpetual dewdrops; the mystical rejuvenation that they imparted at the crack of every ethereally ebullient dawn?

What purpose did the sky have to exist; without the crimson conglomerate of handsomely thunderous clouds; the vivacious charisma that they imparted by
indefatigably clashing and culminating into torrential thunderballs of mesmerizing rain?

What purpose did the mountains have to exist; without the majestically glittering festoon of invincible peaks; the unassailable ardor that they imparted all night and sweltering day?

What purpose did the trees have to exist; without the aristocratic fountain of exotically sensuous leaves; the princely charisma that they imparted; with the serenely rustling and tranquil breeze?

What purpose did the mother have to exist; without the impeccably new born child; the godly rays of newness that it imparted; with each of its princely wails?

What purpose did the rose have to exist; without the boisterously buzzing honey bee; the unfathomable tons of nectar it blissfully secreted; nimbly perched on the ravishingly voluptuous petals?

What purpose did the castle have to exist; without its stupendously royal garland of kings and queens; the unassailable spirit of triumph that they irrefutably provided; to even the most remotely lackadaisical of its barren walls?

What purpose did the soil have to exist; without the quintessential cistern of priceless fertility; the amazingly prolific and indispensable elixir of life; which blissfully spawned endlessly vibrant life?

What purpose did the night have to exist; without the resplendently milky curtain of enthralling moonlight; the timelessly alluring beams of immaculate white; which profoundly enlightened every cranny of dolorously murderous stillness?

What purpose did the gutters have to exist; without the abominably abhorrent pigs; the savagely uncouth stomachs of theirs; which scrapped every iota of dirt forever; within lightening seconds of time?

What purpose did the deserts have to exist; without the overwhelmingly sweltering landscape of blistering sands; the disdainfully acrimonious heat that they
imparted; and that too smilingly for centuries immemorial?

What purpose did the avalanches have to exist; without the austerely frozen winds of winter; the deathly chill that held their gruesomely appalling contours; stoically in the most meticulous of shape?

What purpose did the web have to exist; without the inscrutably silken spider; the incomprehensible entrenchment of enthrallment that it imparted; while indefatigably interweaving through the gorgeously satiny strands?

What purpose did the eyes have to exist; without the panoramically wonderful kaleidoscope of beauty around; the spell binding reinvigoration that it uninhibitedly
imparted; to one and all; holistically alike?

What purpose did the battlefields have to exist; without the patriotically marching soldiers; the intrepid waves of impregnable triumph that they imparted; while unequivocally shedding their life for the sake of their sacred countrymen?

What purpose did the treasuries have to exist; without the unlimited cistern of opulently glittering gold; the unbelievably grandiloquent aura that it imparted for the entire world to; salaciously witness?

What purpose did the mind have to exist; without the ecstatically swirling whirlpool of untamed fantasy; the divinely fascinating cloud of romantic philandering that it imparted; forever to the drearily tyrannized nerves?

What purpose did the nostrils have to exist; without the pricelessly vibrant forest of mystically piquant breath; the unconquerable jacket of oligarchic life that it imparted; to every hopelessly wandering living; inundated with turbulent distress?

And what purpose did life have to exist; without the invincible jewel of compassionate love; the Omnipotent thread of egalitarian sharing that it celestially instilled in all mankind; to bond them forever and ever and ever; in the perpetual religion of humanity?


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