What The Entire Wealth Couldn’t Purchase

What the entire palace wasn’t able to offer; with its towering rooms
Studded with scintillating jewels,
Was imparted by the dingy little seaside hut; with swirling waves of
the ocean; intermittently submerging it with coats of rejuvenating spray.

What the entire pool of water wasn’t able to offer; with mesmerizing fountains
cascading all over,
Was imparted by the miserly waterfall; pacifying the thirst of wanderers in
the blistering currents of summer.

What the entire air-conditioner wasn’t able to offer; gargantuan coolers blowing at full velocity refrained from providing,
Was imparted by a single draught of wind; drifting with the rustling branches of the forest; inundating your senses with a serene calm.

What the entire electric bulb wasn’t able to offer; with a barrage of lights flickering incessantly throughout the day,
Was imparted by solitary rays of the sun; the tenacity in its fire blazing through the corridors of gloomy space.

What the entire magic wasn’t able to offer; shows portraying the same held in
ostentatious halls; in an ambience of superfluous pomp,
Was imparted by the mystical mountain; the echoes reverberating loud and
enigmatic through its unfathomably deep gorge.

What the entire barrel of wine wasn’t able to offer; sparkling mugs ofbeer
and elixir miserably dithered to produce,
Was imparted by a single stream of salubrious milk; oozing painstakingly from
the belly of the sacrosanct cow.

What the entire bottle of scent wasn’t able to offer; the plethora of blends
floundered in making the aroma evoke,
Was imparted by a single rose; with the redolence wafting from its petals
drowning you in waves of immortal euphoria.

What the entire orphanage wasn’t able to offer; the delinquent nurses deviated
from doing,
Was imparted by the impeccable mother; the gentle passion in her palmsputting
the child to blissful sleep.

What the entire thesaurus on religion wasn’t able to offer; the sanctimonious
priests on umpteenth occasions wavered to deliver,
Was imparted by the omniscient creator; the magnetism in his eyes; solving all
quandaries besieging life.

And what the entire wealth in this world wasn’t able to offer; the dungeons
replete with glittering gold and silver failed to imprison,
Was imparted by your beloved; that every draught of her breath granting
you a thousand lives; that every beat of her heart passionately whispering in
your ears to be alive.


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