What Was Happening Wrong

What was irrefutably right and blazing; was infinite beams of Sunlight streaming full throttle and astoundingly from the fathomless expanse of sky,
But what was happening horrendously wrong; was that people sulked in derogatorily malicious despondence despite the same; within the spuriously morbid waves
of the artificial airconditioner.

What was irrefutably right and ravishing; was enthrallingly exuberant whirlpools of breeze; which unrelentingly caressed the atmosphere all day long,
But what was happening pathetically wrong; was that people viciously leaped for each other’s throat despite the same; coldbloodedly locked within cisterns of ominous manipulation.

What was irrefutably right and resplendent; was ebulliently mesmerizing and milky rays of tenaciously silken moonlight,
But what was happening disastrously wrong; was that people wailed in hopelessly greedy unison despite the same; entirely camouflaging their dwellings with
parasites of indiscriminate hatred; in the heart of the romantically marvelous midnight.

What was irrefutably right and vivacious; was perennially bubbling streams of pricelessly majestic water,
But what was happening ludicrously wrong; was that people remained lugubriously famished despite the same; mercilessly toying with the vital elixir to scrub even the most inconspicuous iota of their; sordidly bombastic floors.

What was irrefutably right and tantalizing; was unfathomable cloudbursts of torrentially titillating rain; pelting in harmonious tandem from the aristocratically crimson sky,
But what was happening maniacally wrong; was that people lambasted corpses of vindictive abuse and lechery despite the same; sank into a spell of remorsefully frustrated exasperation; although the tunes of lovebirds; reverberated
handsomely through the air.

What was irrefutably right and melodious; was the enchantingly everlasting nightingale singing synergistically with the rhythm of the serene wind; inundating each cranny of the sultry ambience with gorgeously twinkling sound,
But what was happening brutally wrong; was that people incessantly sank into a well of despondent boredomdespite the same; cacophonically pulverizing God’s most panoramic elements of celestial creation.

What was irrefutably right and towering; was the mystically gorgeous mountain; philandering into boundless paths of rhapsodically intrepid adventure,
But what was happening murderously wrong; was that people had savagely constricted themselves to lanes of disdainfully ruthless monotony despite the same;
choosing to be like the abominably imperturbable stone; rather than gallop towards satiny newness.

What was irrefutably right and indispensable; was the passionately patriotic inferno of unsurpassable breath; that euphorically wafted out as each night unfurled into the brilliant day,
But what was happening diabolically wrong; was that people depicted a profuse inclination to inhale adulterated savagery despite the same; eventually asphyxiating to miserable extinction; although the spirit of pristine youth still lingered for centuries

What was irrefutably right and priceless; was the sky of immortally unassailable love; showering droplets of perpetual love to even the most infinitesimal iota of this gigantic planet,
But what was happening unforgivably wrong; was that people barbarically kicked the same to blend with the thorns of pernicious lies; flooded their chests with gruesomely acerbic decay; although the heart was still throbbing by the grace of God.


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