What’s Love All About?

No asphyxiating rules; not the slightest seed of ghastily terrorizing commercialism around,

No bizarre monotony; not the slightest innuendo of debilitating stagnation insidiously floating around,

No usurped definitions; not the slightest of deliriously incarcerating society; to brutally jail it in its way,

No prejudiced manipulation; not the slightest of cold-blooded barbarism stealthily lurking at clandestine crannies of wastrel civilization,

No traumatic agony; not the slightest teardrop of frustrating malice; which baselessly annihilated countless impeccable; in its cadaverously inane swirl,

No frigid infertility; not the slightest of crippling infidelity that stabbed you beyond the threshold of extinction; the instant you turned your back,

No vicarious salaciousness; not the slightest of animosity permeating vindictively into the fabric of spellbindingly enchanting humanity,

No nefarious meanness; not the slightest of derogatory inflammation perilously creeping into the synergistically benign structure of humanity,

No wreckless insomnia; not the slightest of invidious laziness disparagingly stagnating the vivacious mantra of blissfully burgeoning existence,

No tawdry indiscrimination; not the slightest of vengeful parasites satanically sucking innocuous blood from the heart of this symbiotically celestial planet,

No inexplicable hopelessness; not the slightest of disparity preposterously corrupting the spirit of unsurpassable unity inherently impregnating the pricelessly insuperable atmosphere,

No deplorable delinquency; not the slightest of vituperatively ostracizing devil; that treacherously deserted you in your times of blood-curling duress,

No squelching torture; not the slightest of fretfully ribald deterioration; indefatigably endangering the rudiments of irrefutable truth in the fathomless planet,

No fiendish robbery; not the slightest spell of doomsday depriving holistically coalescing bodies; of their unparalleled elixir to fantastically exist,

No spurious religion; not the slightest of bawdy fanaticism; mercilessly snatching loved ones from their adorably venerated kin,

No blood-thirsty injustice; not the slightest travesty of the oceans of unconquerably glorious righteousness; the principles of ubiquitously sacrosanct friendship,

No worthless shivering; not the slightest of relentlessly shivering in the torturous cold outside; while demons of lies marauded at rampant will on this boundless planet,

No abysmal nonchalance; not the slightest of lacklusterness cancerously weakening the crux of stupendously proliferating and timelessly blessing life,

Only immortally endowing life; Only unflinchingly united existence; Only truth blazing into eternal Omnipotence; Only perpetually fructifying bondage; Only exhilaration unprecedented culminating into the realms of everlastingly propitious paradise,

That’s what 100% Love has forever taught you; that’s what 100 % Love does to you every unfurling minute of your diminutively impoverished life; that’s what 100% Love all about.


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