When God Opened His Mouth

When the crimson crested parrot opened its mouth,
gruff sounds; astoundingly similar to humans emanated from its beak.

when the elephant opened its mouth; hoisting its trunk to speak,
a roaring echo diffused with volatile bursts of emotion.

when the striped black leopard opened its ferocious mouth,
there came out sounds resembling thunder clashing in the sky,
silencing all animated commotion prevalent in the township of jungle.

when the slime painted frog opened its cupid mouth,
disenchanting notes of harsh music flooded the atmosphere.

when the boisterous honey bee opened her tiny mouth,
sounds of infuriating buzzing dismantled the harmony of air.
when handsomely coiled reptiles on the ground opened their venom mouths,
poignant noises of hissing pierced the alacrity of stringent breeze.

when the cow in green pastures opened her amicable mouth,
timid sounds of indolent mooing blended perfectly with the succulent grass.

when the furry sheepskin dog opened its cannine tipped mouth,
gruesome growls expurgated; initiating infinite hair on body to stand.

when a bunch of humans opened their articulately shaped mouths,
there came galloping fast; tales of intellect and imagination.

and when the omnipresent personality of Godhead openedhis mouth,
one could see the entire universe revolving inside,
undulating terrains, turbulent sea’s, flaming persona of the sun, silver silhouette of the moon,
dense tropical forests; sparkling waterfalls of crystal water,
the creator sparingly uttered few words of wisdom,
embodied with the supreme aura of righteousness,
which was still the magical verse centuries after he created man to live and let live.


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