When I Saw Her

When I slammed my eyes shut; with vigorous tenacity,
My hands started trembling in animated ecstasy.

When I stopped my hands from shivering; pinning them down,
Infinite hair on my persona stood up in poignant alacrity.

When I soothed down dainty nodules of hair; applying Luke warm pads of heat,
Juxtaposed clusters of my teeth commenced to chatter in indignation.

When I put brakes on my teeth chattering; executing exorbitant power,
The big toe in my feet started to nostalgically reverberate.

When the big toe in my feet ceased to flutter; as I firmly pressed it on the cold floor,
Balloons of stale air got formed in mouth chamber; inflating it disproportionately.

When my mouth transited itself to realms of synchronized normalcy,
My neck started to prolifically bleed; as if stung by a million thorns.

When my neck got rehabilitated; after plucking out a plethora of nails,
Obstreperous cacophony profoundly iterated itself in my sensitive ear.

When sensations of abhorrent sound dramatically reduced in capacity,
Fiery vibrations strangulated my fists in entirety.

When my hands pacified themselves; releasing their clenched demeanor,
Intricate cavities in my heart started to throb turbulently.

And eventually when her enchanting silhouette unfolded before my sight,
I fell in celestial stupor on her dainty feet,
With all the commotion drowned forever; in torrential rain showers of her unrelenting love.


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