When I Thought

When i thought about filth and dirt,
unethical images of floating sewage blended with feces capsized my mental imagery.

when i thought about transparently luring crystal water,
panoramic visions of undulating mountains besieged me in entirety.

when i thought about finely crushed chowder of piquant salt,
rambunctious memories of the sea flooded desolate regions of my soul.

when i thought about tenaciously blowing coats of wind,
lascivious mass of dense tree foliage revolved subtly through my mind.

when i thought about bountiful springs of frosty milk,
sacrosanct images of the twin horned cow submerged me with glee.

when i thought about swaying my body in animated jubilation,
extravagant pictures of the country barn discotheque gleamed large in my eyes.

when i thought about prolific waves of acerbic heat,
charismatic demeanor of the sun god shot loud and clear all throughout cells of my brain.

when i thought about praying to the almighty,
omniscient portraits of Christ nailed to bare wood proliferated in my memory.

when i thought about the destitute succumbing to pangs of starvation,
shriveled silhouettes of skinny children instantaneously crept up my scalp.

when i thought about exorbitant luxury with king sized dishes of food,
frivolous images of silken gold took strangle hold of my impeccable heart.

and when i thought about perennial threads of sacred matrimony,
effeminate outlines of the girl i loved delectably settled in topmost compartments of my mind.


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