When I Wandered Through The Lane Of Love

When I philandered through the winding lanes of the mountain; I encountered an
assemblage of vivacious trees and nimble rabbit,

When I strolled through lanes of the dense jungle; I encountered a maze of
cloistered passage along with white water streams,

When I audaciously walked through lanes of freezing ice-cream; I encountered
tenacious currents of cold; that made me shiver,

When I vehemently transgressed through lanes of roaring fire; I encountered
blistering flames; which almost charred me to inconspicuous ash,

When I sedately trespassed through lanes of blossoming flower; I encountered
clusters of humming bee; with a mesmerizing fragrance circumventing my

When I skeptically languished through lanes of the mental asylum; I encountered a fleet of barbaric madmen; trying to snatch the last ounce of breath from my persona,

When I gleefully floated in the satiny lanes of the cotton clouds; I encountered brilliant sunshine blended with showers of inclement rain,

When I loitered aimlessly through sandy lanes of the desert; I encountered
acrimonious heat; sapping the last resources of hidden energy from my body,

When I ambled laboriously through sequestered lanes of the gigantic tunnel; I
encountered gruesome darkness that sent uncanny chills down my spine; made me
nostalgically long for sunshine,

When I ran at fast pace across lanes of slippery beach sands; I encountered
poignant froth juxtaposed with fiery salt smashing across my eyes,

When I gallivanted on horseback through the lanes of the rustic farm; I
encountered the ravishing aroma of corn; listened attentively to the intricate
dribbling of milk from cow teats,

When I crawled like a new born child through the lanes of surreal fantasy; I
encountered scores of fairies; a blissful paradise where god resided,

When I marched through the lanes of disdainful hatred; I encountered
disparaging corruption; the savage discrimination of my fellow mates,

When I pervaded across ghastly lanes of hell in the sky; I encountered satanic
demons relishing blood from dead carcass of humans,

When I intransigently marauded through lanes of the underground dungeon; I
encountered hidden gold; with a scorpion occasionally drifting down my neck,

When I jogged through crowded lanes of the mundane city; I encountered hostile
traffic; and obnoxious clouds of smoke prompting me to deafeningly sneeze,

When I roamed through lanes of illicit crime; I encountered a township of
bloodshed; brutal massacres of the innocent,

And eventually when I wandered through the lane of uninhibited love; I hereby
found the perpetual heaven that I was so frantically searching for.


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