When She Arrived

When she arrived; the cluster of fragrant flowers in the garden bent down in meek submission,

When she arrived; the birds soaring high in the sky chirped all the more vociferously; attempting to make their presence felt,

When she arrived; warm shivers ran down through the roots of colossal trees,

When she arrived; the minuscule rivulets in the river; rose up to become swirling waves; in animated ecstasy,

When she arrived; feeble rays of the sun brilliantly shimmered; profoundly illuminating the atmosphere,

When she arrived; the insipid blades of frigid grass stood up with exhilarated alacrity,

When she arrived; fleet footed squirrels in proximity gnawed more voraciously at the nut trapped within their jaws,

When she arrived; puffs of lackadaisical clouds in the cosmos transited to tantalizing black thunder,

When she arrived; the majestic peacock uninhibitedly spread its kingly feathers to a complete blossom,

When she arrived; the reptiles slithered painstakingly emanating sizzling noises; on the periphery of semi soaked ground,

When she arrived; the bees in their hives produced more honey than ever before; inundating the still atmosphere with their incessant buzzing,

When she arrived; a plethora of frogs croaked loquaciously in the well; ostentatiously expanding the yellow sacs inhabiting their body,

When she arrived; gloomy worms crawling through the bushes radiated a resplendently brilliant shine,

When she arrived; the chameleon ebulliently changed its color; displaying shades of mesmerizing vibrancy,
When she arrived; the multi-legged spider ran several paces faster in its silken web; bustling to and fro to devour its imprisoned prey,

When she arrived; the pair of crimson crested parrots entwined their beaks in each other; intractably refraining to separate themselves,

When she arrived; light complexioned leaves of the cactus converted to an alluring sapphire,

When she arrived; scores of monkeys gyrated on the tree tops; frivolously tossing succulent fruit on the earth,

When she arrived; all hatred circumventing the ambience was miraculously transmuted into immortal love,

When she arrived; gods in the sky forgot to do their work; admiring the form they had created in open mouthed consternation,

And when she arrived; I felt an insatiable urge to live; for the first time in my life felt like a complete man.


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