When The Heart Wasn’t Throbbing

When the thunderously voluptuous clouds weren’t showering golden rain; they were still wonderfully enamoring countless; in the swirl of their unsurpassably untainted sensuality,

When the poignantly scarlet roses weren’t blossoming into ecstatic vitality; they were still tirelessly disseminating the scent of seduction; to every cranny of this fathomlessly blissful Universe,

When the beautifully nubile lips weren’t burgeoning into a festoon of smiles; they were still amiably kissing every conceivable form of astounding desire; on the trajectory of this boundlessly iridescent earth,

When the honestly persevering armpits weren’t sweating into cisterns of shimmering sweat; they were still diffusing the spirit of tirelessly unparalleled righteousness to every entity; traversing symbiotically alive,

When the effulgently victorious wind wasn’t blowing into draughts of exuberantly pristine breeze; it was still enthralling countless haplessly divested organisms; with its fearlessly divine stillness,

When the robustly ecstatic mouth wasn’t synergistically consuming indispensable morsels of food; it was still enlightening an infinite miserably deprived entities on planet earth; with the profound enchantment of its voice,

When the majestically unfettered mother wasn’t feeding her own impeccable babies; she was still wafting an invincible atmosphere of eternal compassion to every tangible and intangible quarter of this victorious Universe,

When the unflinchingly handsome soldiers weren’t valiantly fighting at war; they were still perpetuating indomitably fearless molecules of royal bravery; in every
preposterously dastard heart alive,

When the poignantly blissful soil wasn’t sprouting into insuperably princely grain; it was still generating thunderbolts of untamed virility; into every ounce of impotence in the lackadaisical atmosphere,

When the beautifully enamoring cheeks weren’t blushing into unbelievably crimson radiance; they were still culminating into a cloudburst of sensuously priceless
mischief; all across the interminable planet,

When the passionately emerald grass blades weren’t oozing beautifully synergistic dewdrops; they were still rhapsodically culminating into a civilization of bounteously rejuvenating newness,

When the insuperably determined mountains weren’t peaking towards the ultimate summits of eternity; they were still altruistically sequestering every fraternity of living kind in their fortified lap; far away from hedonistic duress,

When unbelievably blessed Man & Woman weren’t tirelessly mating; they were still stupefying every patch of insouciantly barren mud that they tread on; with their undyingly untamed virility,

When the innocuously resplendent stars weren’t vividly twinkling; they were still evolving into a fireball of unlimitedly fantastic and enigmatically jubilant enthuse,

When the artistically nimble veins weren’t carrying poignantly crimson blood; they were still disseminating the spirit of unassailably blessing humanity; to the farthest corner of this magically ameliorating Universe,

When the ingeniously unconquerable brain wasn’t insatiably fantasizing into the realms of paradise; it was still pragmatically acting to the inevitably quintessential instincts of; Survival of the fittest,

When the amazingly sensitive ears weren’t dangling into the dormitories of unsurpassable stardom; they were still brilliantly sensitive to even the most
infinitesimal whisker of sound,

When the victoriously pristine nostrils weren’t breathing fireballs of spell-binding existence; they were still perpetuating the indispensable instinct of indefatigable life; into every organism haplessly staggering and yet alive,

And when the fathomlessly benign heart wasn’t throbbing the beats of perennially fructifying love; it was still triggering the waves of pricelessly inimitable humanity in every bit of tangible space and organism; on this limitlessly unfettered Universe.


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