When You Were There By My Side

When I was gruesomely lonely; overwhelmingly enshrouded by mists of perpetual solitude from all sides; I felt as if sinking more profusely beneath my grave; as
the minutes rapidly unveiled,
However I sprang up with tumultuous exhilaration to lead life; profoundly staring and mesmerized by the impeccable whites of your eye; when you were there by
my side.

When I was perennially devastated; viciously besieged with lackadaisical walls of ghastly boredom; I felt as if diabolical daggerheads of depression were sapping every ounce of energy from my senses,
However I leaped ebulliently towards the bountifully voluptuous carpet of sky; ravishingly caressing and compassionately relishing the divinely warmth in your
palms; when you were there by my side.

When I was loitering aimlessly on cold ground; pugnaciously relinquishing even the tiniest of desire to holistically survive; I felt as if every entity in the planet outside was nothing; but an uncouthly blood sucking parasite,
However I gallivanted in the aisles of vibrantly untamed desire; profusely mesmerized and supremely blending with the enamoring melody in your voice; when you were there by my side.

When I was staggering in the corridors of disdainfully despicable depression; intransigently weeping even as the globe blossomed into marvelous newness outside; I felt as if a painstakingly mammoth mountain of guilt was brutally excoriating my flesh with swords of satanic diabolism,
However I enlightened every path I trespassed on with fireballs of insatiable hope; passionately nibbling your neck and uxoriously coalescing with your volatile senses; when you were there by my side.

When I was perched without a penny in my penurious pockets on the austerely acrimonious mountaintops; ferocious rays of blazing Sun gorily exacerbating the
famished agony in the dormitories of my nimble stomach; I felt like an nconspicuously non-existent mosquito; being tyrannically lambasted by the devil,
However I raced immutably towards the most handsomely spell binding of victory; flirting mischievously with your heavenly earlobes and pecking your Omnipotent
cheeks; when you were there by my side.

When I was slithering languidly on freezing ice; worthlessly counting the incomprehensible number of stars in fathomless cosmos; I felt as if an
unsurpassable fleet of savage sharks; were sucking every iota of my enthusiasm,
However I escalataed above the walls of blissful eternity; as I held my ears astoundingly close to your tantalizing belly and tickling your ravishing ribs;
when you were there by my side.

When I was tossing restlessly in the morbidly remorseful dungeons; voraciously scratching the stinking walls in an attempt to expend my Herculean energy; I felt as if the Universe had ignominiously castigated me for ostensibly no fault of mine; shunning me in entirety till my veritable death,
However I exuberantly galloped to metamorphose each of my philanthropic dreams into reality; bending in due obeisance at your godly feet and clasping your fingers tight; when you were there by my side.

When I was miserably incarcerated behind ominously gleaming bars of the hostile prison; an unfathomable battalion of irascible termites greedily slavering on my innocuous flesh; I felt treacherously weak and dying a countless deaths; even though life was still mine,
However I irrefutably waded past the glorious flags of patriotic victory; incessantly admiring and magnificently transposing with your sagaciously philanthropic philosophies; when you were there by my side.

And when I was ruthlessly unemployed; with every quarter of this murderously conventional society spitting upon me the frustrations of their bedraggled day; I felt as if time had come to a standstill; as I hopelessly bid the world a tearfully defeated goodbye,
However I continued to exist as the richest man alive for infinite more births of mine; immortally bonding with your Omnipresent heart; benevolent blood; and majestically unassailable breath; when you were there by my side.


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