Where There Is Love

Where there is bountiful grass; sprawling meadows of leafy foliage,
There roam about rustic cattle and goat; painstakingly chewing the cud; relishing the appetizing meal.

Where there is superfluous water; rambunctious streams of crystal liquid,
There reside sweet and succulent fish; bathing incessantly in the splashing currents; procreating several of their kind.

Where there is a nest of enmeshed twigs; fortified with slender sticks of
intricate wood and thorn,
There lives the protuberant sac bird; which pacifies its gluttony devouring
insects; lays eggs diligently with the passing seasons.

Where there is fetid sewage floating in gutter water; a conglomerate of
dilapidated debris loosely strewn about,
There lives the disdainful cockroach; spreading a host of deadly infection and

Where there is the colossal mountain with jagged slopes; a battalion of
deciduous trees projecting rampantly in tandem,
There lives the grizzly bear which dexterously glides through darkened
tunnels; along with tones of silver snow.

Where there is slippery sand on the beach; blended with multiple cocoons of
hollow space,
There lives the gray bodied venomous crab; flexing its noxious tentacles
intermittently; to sting innocuous flesh.

Where there is a jugglery of boiled sweets lying orphan on the floor; with a
tantalizing aroma wafting in the air,
There lives the red ant in infinite scores; hungrily crunching its meal;
pulverizing it to finely chiseled soft powder.

Where there is the honey combed hive sighted at unprecedented heights from the
ground; adhering compactly to the building wall,
There lives the honeybee boisterously oozing honey from its body; blending
superbly with the golden color.

Where there is overwhelming poverty; an atmosphere of bedraggled misery
compounded with heaps of tribulation,
There live nefarious hoodlums; driven by the fervent urge to steal; due to
scarcity of funds and fodder.
Where there is darkness camouflaged with pallid gloom; the ambience punctuated
with mystical myths,
There lives baseless fear; individuals who unwittingly shirk away from society.

And where there is perennial love; philanthropic attitude to embrace the
afflicted with thorough equanimity,
There lives god and there also lives life; ripening every unleashing minute;
creating humans impregnated with immortal bliss.


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