Where Were You?

Where were you when I was relentlessly slithering on freezing ground; rapaciously fantasizing about your voluptuously silken hair?

Where were you when I eclectically sketched you in a countless shapes and
exuberant forms; envisaging you to be the most sensuously untamed female on
this colossal planet?

Where were you when I lunatically chatted with barren space for times immemorial; insatiably wishing that my compassionately quavering voice; reached you through thin air?

Where were you when I was tyrannically being drowned by the monstrously cyclonic sea wave; perceiving nothing else but your magically effervescent smile; even as preposterously diabolical sharks and water; haplessly sunk me down?

Where were you when I desperately needed fathomless skies of conviction; when I fervently desired nothing else but your invincibly humanitarian embrace; in my times of gruesomely bizarre dereliction?

Where were you when each devastatingly emaciated pore of my flesh; uncontrollably sought for nothing else but your; tantalizingly ingratiating caress?

Where were you when I spent each unfurling second of the day; enigmatically
inscribing your name on every wall of my house and my ecstatically reverberating heart?

Where were you when I euphorically penned boundless lines of perpetual poetry on your brilliantly magnanimous grace; sporadically wailing as I unstoppably craved for your mischievously uninhibited laughter?

Where were you when I was being truculently whipped by the indiscriminately
unforgiving and iconoclastically orthodox society; and every tear oozing from my eye; engulfed profusely with nothing else but your immaculately divine soul?

Where were you when I was shivering even beneath the most opulently flocculent of quilts; as every cranny of my countenance unsurpassably yearned for nothing else; but your Omnipotently miraculous warmth?

Where were you when I frantically wandered for a countless days on the frigidly dusty streets; fanatically searching for your Omnisciently magical essence without even knowing an alphabet from your heavenly name?

Where were you when I wholesomely surrendered my impoverished form to the satanic lions of the jungle; acquitting my form of all beautiful life; without your majestically benign fragrance?

Where were you when I deliriously screamed for help towards the enchantingly
endless sky; hopelessly unable to sight your lusciously venerated lips; even
in the most flamboyantly dazzling light of the afternoon?

Where were you when I unfurled like a vivacious peacock into the aisles of
unceasingly vibrant desire; with even the most infinitesimal ingredient of my blood unlimitedly wanting to dedicate itself to your divinely form?

Where were you when I disconsolately wept like a new-born infant for ostensibly no reason or rhyme; inexplicably missing your congenitally blessing rhythm; in even the most evanescent puff of air that I inhaled?

Where were you when I zealously tried to stop every unraveling second on the
dials of my luminescent watch; wanting every fraction of the planet to come to an absolute standstill; and only you to reign unassailably supreme?

Where were you when I inexhaustibly fantasized about you in my every dream;
when the whites and black’s of my eye garnished no other image; except your
insuperably queenly form?

Where were you when I about to abdicate my very last breath at the impromptu
command of the Omnipresent Lord; when the last wish that I breathed from my
nostrils was to hear your mellifluously eternal voice?

Where were you when I timelessly proposed my immortal love for you; limitlessly wanted to propound the condition of my passionately enslaved heart infront of your indomitably fearless grace?

And where were you when I was getting Married to a complete alien on this
earth; just to fulfill the last wish of my dying mother; as there was not the most diminutive trace of you in front of her weary eyes; and all that she wanted to see before she died; was me in bonded in perennially connubial bliss and blithe.


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