While Today

When she wasn’t there in my life; my hands were just hands; painstakingly staggering in flagrant incoherence to engross themselves with the mundane activities of routine life,
While today; they artistically evolved a civilization of bountiful newness; sketching the unbelievable vividness of this colossal Universe even on barren bits of lackluster mud; as her magically unflinching body nestled on my chest

When she wasn’t there in my life; my feet were just feet; vengefully cribbing to clamber even a single step; feeling like a fretfully unbearable mountain of stones and horrendously debilitating thorns,
While today; they euphorically surged past the ultimate epitomes of benign victory; triumphantly trampled even the most evanescent trace of evil on this planet; as her innocuously celestial eyes interlocked themselves impregnably with mine.

When she wasn’t there in my life; my lips were just lips; inanely muttering lackadaisical monosyllables; to procure quintessential elements of life,
While today; they tirelessly sung the songs of everlastingly enchanting togetherness; majestically chanted the essence of Immortally spell binding love and camaraderie to the most fathomless quarters of this planet; as her altruistically humanitarian
shadow; intrepidly circumscribed me from all sides.

When she wasn’t there in my life; my blood was just blood; congenitally enriched with poignantly crimson shades of scarlet; but metamorphosing more and more
rampantly into an amorphous coffin of tears; bearing the whiplash of the truculently conventional society,
While today; it became an untamed inferno of indomitable righteousness; invincibly towering above every other thing on this gigantic Universe; as the egalitarian fragrance of her impeccable soul; unassailably wafted into my conscience.

When she wasn’t there in my life; my brain was just brain; insidiously indulging in all nefarious shortcuts to earn indispensable livelihood; wholesomely succumbing to the satanically bombarding devil,
While today; it spell bindingly fantasized to the most insuperably regal limits; beautifully assimilating every trace of humanity and goodness on this limitless globe; as her voluptuously enamoring hair surreally tantalized my naked nape.

When she wasn’t there in my life; my eyes were just eyes; dreadfully sullen and morose every unfurling minute of the day; plunging themselves into a cadaverously obfuscated and disparagingly disoriented blur; with the unraveling of midnight,
While today; they vivaciously danced like the fireballs of immaculately untamed mischief; unceasingly flowed with empathy for all of my synergistic kind; as her Omnipotently mesmerizing voice conquered even the most emaciated pore of my

When she wasn’t there in my life; my flesh was just flesh; without even the most ethereally infidel of desire; disdainfully rotting like ghoulishly indescribable feces emanating from the pigs hindside,
While today; it incredulously catapulted beyond the walls of seventh heaven and paradise at the crack of tantalizing dawn; as her seductively rubicund fingers;
traced very last impoverished bone down my spine.

When she wasn’t there in my life; my ears were just ears; abjectly numbing themselves in sadness and profanity; even as the most thunderous of apocalypses
resonated cannibalistically on this boundless planet,
While today; they philanthropically unfurled to even the slightest bereavement of living kind; running continents apart to the cries of the haplessly decrepit; as her unconquerably ebullient spirit lingered by my diminutive side.

When she wasn’t there in my life; my breath was just breath; pathetically slavering and slithering like a treacherously rabid dog; to carry on till the time it was destined on this endlessly royal earth,
While today; it transformed into the cosmos of perennially ecstatic and undefeatable life; as her virtue of eternal truthfulness and religion of humanity; kissed me from head till the last nail of my hide.

And when she wasn’t there in my life; my heart was just heart; mechanically pumping blood to every cranny of my torturously depleted countenance; as if it were the most despairingly acrimonious activity on this eclectic planet,
While today; it solely and effulgently coruscated with the beats of Immortally unshakable love; as her mantra of selflessly Godly existence; transcended over even
the most obsolete element of my mission and life.


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