Who The Hell Ever Said; That Sweat Stinks?

It was the most irrefutably truthful essence of your persona; the most blissfully honest fructification of your majestic soul,

It was a stream of indefatigably golden brilliance; that celestially dribbled down the skin of the richest and poorest on this fathomless planet; symbiotically alike,

It was the ultimate scent of your unconquerable righteousness; a royal cascade of iridescent tranquility; that mollified even the most traumatically frazzled of nerves,

It was the most fantastically tantalizing sensation on your skin; a feeling that transcended you beyond the meadows of paradise; as it uninhibitedly gushed from
head to toe of your body; in unabashedly electric fervor,

Who the hell ever said that; Sweat was preposterously clumsy; Sweat was a worthlessly obnoxious piece of shit; Sweat was lividly repulsive; O! yes; who the
hell ever said that “Sweat Stinks”.

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It was the most invisible fabric of every pore of your delectable skin; yet the most insuperably replenishing; naturally air-conditioning every of your acrimoniously agitated senses; under the ferociously blistering rays of mid-day Sun,

It was the most irretrievably sure source of your vitality; fearlessly proclaiming your inner temerity and conviction to the planet outside; at every rapidly ticking hour of the day,

It was the most holistic thing that could have ever happened to your body; in perfect symbiosis with the magically ameliorating environment and at the same time distinguishing you to be an infinite shades lesser than the Lord Almighty,

It was an emotionally fired rivulet that carried all your tensions and inexplicably motley emotions; to be eventually evaporated into the firmament of the atmosphere,

Who the hell ever said that; Sweat was tyrannically incarcerating; Sweat was a fecklessly asphyxiating; Sweat was abysmally smelly; O! yes; who the hell ever
said that “Sweat Stinks”.

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It was a perennial river of compassionate brotherhood; that trickled in ever-pervading unison from the chest of every living entity on this boundless earth; unhindered
and alike,

It was the most handsomely enamoring spectacle to sight; as it glistened more spectacularly than ever; under the very first rays of amber dawn and the very
last rays of impeccably milky moonlight,

It was the most mute vibration on the human body; yet conveying a boundlessly unbridled civilization of emotions and feelings; like the wail of a freshly born child,

It was more mischievously tangy than the most tangiest of salt; drifting you towards an unsurpassable tunnel of profound mysticism; as you traced each of its stream with your delicate fingers; till the very end,

Who the hell ever said that; Sweat was ignominiously slavish; Sweat was amorphously licentious; Sweat was diminishingly foolish; O! yes; who the hell ever said that “Sweat Stinks”.

(3) .

It was the most enchantingly transparent liquid that your body could ever exude; from which reflected the very true persevering spirit of your blessed existence,

It was the most inimitably priceless garland of silken pearls; as its globules naturally swelled in size to irrevocably cling to every aroused pore of your; uncontrollably exhilarated body,

It was more indispensable than your breath; heartbeat and soul; as in its absence you felt a tornado of haplessly disparaging frustration; boil to the tumultuous limits inside your lifelessly livid skin,

It was the most immortal of all substances tangible or intangible; as a singleton droplet of it in soil; sowed the seeds of tirelessly fragrant effort; embracing every echelon and dimension of invincible humanity,

Who the hell ever said that; Sweat was diabolically tawdry; Sweat was abnormally anomalous; Sweat was disgustingly unholy; O! yes; who the hell ever said that
“Sweat Stinks”.


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