Will ” I Love You” Ever Do?

Will a spuriously ludicrous armory of cadaverously artificial teeth ever do; instead of the perpetually real and resplendently philanthropic smile?

Will a listless godown of debasingly artificial twigs ever do; instead of the beautifully real and enigmatically exhilarating forest ?

Will a monotonously tyrannical lexicon of boundlessly artificial words ever do; instead of the timelessly real and fantastically ebullient poetry?

Will an obnoxiously robotic geyser of listlessly artificial water ever do; instead of the wonderfully real and ingratiatingly charismatic waterfall?

Will the lugubriously deadened stacks of ridiculously artificial wool ever do; instead of the enchantingly real and compassionate amiable sheep?

Will the disdainfully mechanical arms of the emotionlessly artificial clock ever do; instead of the majestically real unfurling of the mesmerizing day and inscrutably tantalizing night?

Will the dolorously invidious air of the bombastically artificial air-conditioner ever do; instead of the blissfully real and poignantly swirling storm?

Will the monstrously demonic and flamboyantly artificial aircraft ever do; instead of the invincibly real and brilliantly unassailable apogee of the indomitable mountains?

Will the manipulatively chiseled and erroneously artificial idol ever do; instead of the Omnipotently real and everlastingly unconquerable Creator divine?

Will the lackadaisically whimpering and hedonistically artificial currency coin ever do; instead of the timelessly real and invincibly priceless spirit of Omnipresent truth?

Will the snobbishly flickering and dastardly artificial bulb ever do; instead of the indomitably real and fathomlessly ubiquitous rays of the Godly Sun?

Will the commercially decrepit and sleazily artificial feature film ever do; instead of the regally real and fragrantly bountiful anecdotes of mystically unleashing life?

Will an unscrupulously unsavory and pugnaciously artificial pandemonium of robotic lines ever do; instead of the effulgently real and spell bindingly eclectic artist’s sketch?

Will the unceremoniously programmed and imperturbably artificial armor ever do; instead of the unflinchingly real and altruistically immortal soldier?

Will vindictively colored and bawdily artificial ice-cream ever do; instead of the handsomely real and ebulliently glistening avalanches of frosty ice?

Will parsimoniously mundane and egregiously artificial edifices ever do; instead of the ecstatically real and vividly mysterious interiors of the voluptuously titillating caves?

Will the brutally fudged and repugnantly artificial discotheque music ever do; instead of the insuperably real and irrefutably marvelous voice of the eternal conscience?

Will the murderously choked and penuriously artificial oxygen cylinder ever do; instead of the sensuously real fabric of Omnisciently quintessential breath?

And will the infinitesimally ethereal and transiently artificial words ” I Love you ” ever do; instead of the celestially real and universally bonding beats of the fearlessly divine heart?


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